SSC- English Grammar And Composition

SSC- English Grammar And Composition.


Load-shedding means suspension of electricity on certain lines when the demand is greater than the generation. Load-shedding happens when the supply of electricity is insufficient. The people living in the areas supplied with electricity are quite familiar with the term load-shedding. There is hardly any area which is not affected by load-shedding. It plunges the city or part of it into darkness and it seemed that we are living in a village. It is almost a daily affair in our country. During the summer load shedding caused unbearable torture on the people.

It causes a problem of far reaching consequences in the socio-economic development of a country. Houses, mills, factories, industries, shops all fall a victim to it. The running mills and factories come all stand still. Actually life comes to a stand still. If it is continued for several ours, the production hampers seriously. Due to load-shedding food kept in refrigerators get rotten. Besides, the commodities kept in the cold storage are also got spoiled. The patients and the students are the most sufferers. Operations are stopped.

And the students sit idle in the dark closing their books. They suffer terribly owing to load-shedding on the night before their examinations. In fact, load-shedding causes great sufferings to the people and causes an irreparable loss to the country. The only good it does is that it gives us chance to see the stars and the shining moon. But it is great problem. It shouldn’t be allowed to continue. We want to get rid of this problem. As such, we want our government should think over the matter and take necessary steps to check it as early as possible.

English 2nd Paper | Most Important Dialogue for SSC | PDF File

English 2nd Paper Most Important Dialogue for SSC PDF File 

A book fair

A book fair is place where various books of various kinds are brought for sale and display. Recently it has become very popular in our country. In fact, a book fair is considered to be an occasion of great festivity to the book lovers. Nowadays it is held in every city and town on some occasions especially on the occasion of 21st February. Besides, it is organized by various institutions on Victory Day, the Independence Day. It is usually held in the winter season on an open place in most of the major cities of the country.

All sorts of books such as fictions, novels, dramas, poems and books on medicine, engineering, politics, history, general knowledge, philosophy, science are brought for display and sale in the fair. People both young and old specially those who are book lovers come to the fair to buy books and to enjoy the fair. The leading publishers of the country set up stalls of their recent publications as well as old ones.

The renowned artists, poets, intellectuals gather there and take part in the seminars and cultural programmes. In a book fair books are generally sold on discount. So, naturally people take the opportunity of buying books at a discount rate. A book fair reminds us that books are our best friends.

It creates in us curiosity and interest for reading. They change our outlook on life and widen our domain of knowledge. It is books which help us to forget jealously, malice and superstition. It promotes the publication of books and spreads education among the people too.

Traffic jam

Traffic jam is almost a regular phenomenon of the big cities and towns which is the rapid result of rapid growth of population and the increasing number of population. The population is growing rapidly and the increased number of vehicles is needed for the movement and transport of the people. Most often this problem occurs where the roads are very narrow in a congested area. Narrowness of the roads, unlicensed and uncontrolled vehicles, reluctance to obey the traffic rules by the drivers, overtaking tendencies etc. are some of the main causes of traffic jam. In big cites, like Dhaka, the unlimited rickshaw that ply on the roads and streets is another cause of it.

As most of the rickshaw pullers are illiterate and ignorant of traffic rules, most of the time they break traffic rules and cause traffic jam. Again most of the drivers of our country are not willing to obey the traffic rules. They drive their vehicles at their sweet will, which is another cause of creating traffic jam. Wrong paring of vehicles and illegal market beside the roads are another cause of traffic jam. It kills our valuable time and lags us behind.

It causes a great suffering to the dying patients carried in an ambulance. The students and the workers are not able to attend their destination in time due to traffic jam. So we want to get rid of this problem. Well planned spacious roads, one way movement, strictly imposed of traffic rules are mainly needed to overcome this problem. Sufficient and honest traffic police are also needed to control it. By doing all these steps we can lead a happy life without traffic jam.

Street beggar

A street beggar is a person who begs and earns his livelihood in a street is called a street beggar. He is a common face to us who is seen sitting, standing or lying and begging for a coin. He generally chooses a bus stop, railway station, over bridge, a launce or a steamer terminal or a market place where many people gather together. He is seen with patched up and torn clothes and his hair also seen unbrasehd as well as without oil.

His clothes are very dirty and bad smells emits from his dirty clothes. Some of the street beggars are blind, lame or crippled. He has a bag hanging his shoulder or a plate with his hand. When he sees a passer by passing beside him, he stretches out his hands or his begging bowl for a coin. He tries to draw the attention to the passers-by by raising various kinds of voices and sometimes reciting some verses from the holy Quaran.

If someone gives him a coin, he prays for him. Some passers by passed him being disturbed his loud voice.  He begs from dawn to dusk and returns to home whatever he gets. With his small income he supports himself and his family. He often passes his nights under the open sky. So the life of street beggar is not pleasant at all. So, we should rehabilitate them and stop encouraging them. So that he can lead a normal life with honour and dignity.  And we should make it possible for the street beggar to take part in economic activities.

SSC English 2nd Paper Letter writing style

SSC English 2nd Paper Letter writing style 

My childhood memories

One can hardly forget one’s childhood memories whether pleasant or painful. Variety of things happened in a person’s childhood. Many things happened in my childhood as others. But I can still very few of them. I can remember my happy days with my parents. I also can remember a very special event that was my first day at school. When I was six, my father got me admitted into our village primary school where I spent five years. On the first day when I entered the school compound with my father, the children were playing themselves here and there.

My mind was troubled with fear that I might not be quite free and easy in their midst. But when my friends received me cordially, all of my fears and troubles were dispelled. My heart began to beat first when I was taken to meet the headmaster. But his smiling and gentle words put me at ease. He used to inspire me to do well in the examinations. After that time he loved me very much and he became my best guide. Though I left the school I couldn’t forget him. I feel very much excited when I remember my childhood memories. And I also think that if I were child again.

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