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Right Form of Verbs SSC Question No : 01


Work     Invent   is  come   take   give  cover bring
  1. Computer has (a)—-about revolutionary change in the world.But it (b)—-overnight.It (c)—–a long time to invent computer.Many votaries of science (d)—-hard for years and finally (e)—-out successful.


solve build keep turn face try
  1. Now a days Bangladesh (a) —– unemployment problem. This problem already has (b) —– an alarming dimension. The government is (c) —– to cope with this problem. But this problem can be (d) —– if our vast population is (e) —– into human resources.


try  come  run  go   use  climb  walk
  1. Polas reads in class six.He goes to school regurly.One day he was (a)——home with his friend,Kamal after school.Looking at a beautiful bird they they stopped(b)—–.The bird was blue and yellow colour.They (c)—–to each it.Polas said to Kamal, “I’ll now (d)——up the tree and will try to catch the kingfisher.” Kamal (e)—-to call their other friends to enjoy the event.


keep form refresh walk be develop revive become
  1. Early rising is a good exercise. It (b)——our body and (b)——our mind. It (c)—-beneficial for health. One can take fresh air and enjoy the beauty of nature if one (d)—–in the early morning. So walking should be (e)——-as a habit by people of all ages.


build Sit lead depend work remember be
  1. Bangladesh is a full of natural resources. The prosperity of the country does not (a)—on the proper utilization of the resources.We should not (b)—a lazy life.We should all (c)—-up our country.For this reason we have to (d)—hard.No nation can prosper without industry. It should be (e)—–that “Industry is the key to success.”


think build belive go die bury call
  1. The Egypitains believed that after people died they (a)—-to another world.They (b)——that people would still need many of the things they had on earth.Their king had many wonderful treasures.They buried those treasures with them.The kings (c)—–in the open ground or in graveyards.They buried them in great buildings or tombs (d)—-pyramids.These pyramids (e)—-out in the deserts.


hold Bring dispel sit educate build suit
  1. A teacher is an architect of a nation, He plays an important role in(a)—up an educated nation. He(b)— the darkness of ignorance from the lot of a nation. He is an actor while speaking. He has to(c)— his act according to the need of his listeners. He is able to(d)— the attention of his students. He(e)— motionless before his class.He also makes his lessons interesting.


work Come receive teach became Play be
  1. Today women (a) — an important role in all sphears of life. They(b)— no longer confined within the four walls of their parents or husbands house. They have(c)—our of the kitchens and are(d)— hand in hand with men in all the development programs of government. By(e)—higher education they are becoming pilots, doctors, engineers, teachers, administrators etc.
become use be bring add benefit keep
  1. Science has created wonders in field of communcation. Mobile phone (a)— one of the great wonders of modern science. It has (b)— a new dimension to our way of life and to the communication system. Obviously, mobile telecommunication has (c)— the world closer to us. Nowadays it has (d)— a part and parcel of our life. Using mobile phone we are (e)— in many ways.


adopt come rise pay do achieve try
  1. Honesty is a great virtue. An honest man is liked and trusted by all. The ignorant men adopt unfair means with a view to(a)— their objectives. In every walk of life, honesty(b)— most. An honest man may be poor, but he(c)— to become rich by(d)— dishonest means. His rise in life may be slow, but he(e)— very high in the long run.


necessary build act rice breed damage want conclude
  1. Self-control(a)— all other virtues. Man generly(b)— on impulses and strong desires. Vicious desire(c)— the purity of heart and mined resulting in the degradation of human nature. It is self-control that can help a man(d)—up a pure character which is very essential to(e)— above the level of humanity.


suffer come inundate publish damage help get affect
  1. As per the news (a)— in the daily newspaper thirty six districts out of sixty four of Bangladesh have been(b)— by flood this year. If the people out of the flood affected areas do not(c)— forward with a view to(d)— the flood affected people they will have to suffer a lot of not(e)— the necessary commodities in time


repent prepare  wait call waste play  be


  1. Students life is the best time for (a)— is the best time for(a)— oneself for further. It (b)— the seed time of life. So during this period of life students must not (c)— time. They should bear in mind that time (d)— for none. If a student wastes his time, he will have to (e)— in future.


follow make neglect wait come get succeed



  1. Time is very valuable. This valuable time does not (a)…. .for anybody. No power can stop it. It knows no pause in its course. It is not wise to (b)…..time. The man who makes the best use of time is sure to (e)——.All the famous persons of the world have (d)——-the best use of time. We should (e)—-them.


work know sacrifice follow  have like  give
  1. Love’s for one country is (a)—–as patriotism. Everyman (b)—–great love for his country. Many of our freedom fighters (c)—–their lives in 1971 for the sake of our country due to this noble virtue. At present still there are some people who (d)—–relentlessly for the sake of our country because they love our country We should (e)—–their footprint.


be do create  close display hold inaugurate
  1. A book fair (a)—– in Sylhet some months ago (b)—— much enthusiasm among the book lovers. It (c)—— by the D.C. of Sylhet. A lot of books (d)—– in the fair . The arrangement of the fair was so nice that the visitors while visiting it (e)—— feel bored at all.


prepare be achieve satisfy require  inspire result
  1. Man has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. He is not (a)—-with what he has known and seen. He wants to know and see more and more. The curiosity to know more (b)—him to undertake and carry out hand and dangerous tasks which eventually (c)—in epoch making discoveries and inventions. In the fields of science and technology, man in the meantime has (d)—-what was once inconceivable. Man has already landed on the moon and (e)—for a journeys to the Mars.


troubled understand continue  reach reigns help respect
  1. Truth always (a)—– in the world. Falsehood may be triumph for the time being. Those who are engaged in (b)—- the truth are respected by the people. Those who feel interested in telling lies cannot prosper in life. They may prosper seemingly. But they cannot (c)…..all the time. Socrates throughout his life would preach the truth. He tried to make people (d)— what was good for them. He was (e)… the powerful people. In spite of it, he never stopped teaching good things.


damage be hit submerge  uproot hamper accompany
  1. A severe cyclone (a)——- the coastal area of Bangladesh a few days ago . It (b)—— with tidal surge ise lands (c)—— by the tidal surge . Trees were (d)—— and crops (e)——– .


Undertake  solve succeed avoid teach frustrate radicate
  1. Illiteracy is a curse. It is the root cause of ignorance which (a)—-all development efforts of the government and the community. No development effort can be (b)—unless illiteracy is removed. No Individual community or organization not even the government is capable of (c)—-this huge problem is single handed. It is the social responsibility of all the literate people to (d)—-illiteracy from society. We can not (e)—this responsibility.


beat sit  say hurry deserve see steal
  1. There was a dishonest man in a village who did all sorts of mischief to the villagers. But when he did any evil work he (a)….that God had it done by him. One night the man (b)….some mangoes from the gardener of his neighbour. The owner of the garden saw him stealing mangoes and (c)—to the garden. Having reached the garden the took a stick and continued (d)….the dishonest man. Then the man said to him. “What have I done to (e)…,”


shall to be to have let lead put get
  1. We (a)….now the citizens of independent country. The development of the country(b)……now be the motto of our rural life. Bangladesh (c)… agricultural country. We do not (d)….sufficient land for cultivation. We should(e)….great emphasis on using the most modern method of cultivation to utilize our land as well as human resources.


Absorb  begin be appear understand hear  find
  1. One night Rabia’s master woke up from sleep and (a)—— a sweet sound of prayer. Being curious he (b)—— before the cottage of Rabia following the sound . To his great surprise he (c)—— that she was deeply (d)—– in prayer and there was a heavenly light around her.He (e)—– that she was not an ordinary woman but an angle.


contain agree  ask promise  compose accept
  1. One day the great poet was (a)——by Sultan Mahmood to write Shahanama in honour of the Sultan. The Sultan(b)—to pay Ferdousi a piece of gold for each verse. Ferdousin finished his writing and it was found (c)— sixty thousand verses and the Sultan now did not (d)— to pay sixty thousand gold coins.He wanted to to pay silver coins instead of gold coins. The poet did not (e)—silver coins and returned to his village.


do expose make gain trust tell speak
  1. Truthfulness is one of the greatest virtues which (a)….a man healthy great. A man is not (b)….by others if he does not cultivate the habit of speaking the truth. A man who is not trusted by anybody can (c)….any position. A man can achieve his ends once or twice by (d)…lies, but no permanent gain comes out of success. It must come to light sooner or late. Then the real character of the liar gets (e)….and nobody trusts him any more.


know tremble keep drown come begin  find
  1. One day a scholar was crossing a river with a boat. Suddenly a ghastly wind (b) …to blow. The scholar was (b) … .with fear. The boatman said to him. “Do you (c)… to swim?” The answer from the scholar was in the negative. Then the boatman said, “Very soon you are going to (d)……..You have a lot of knowledge but it does not (e)——to use at this moment.”




vary be find earn have live become
  1. Happiness is relative term. A person with a crown living in a palace may not be happy whereas a day labourer may (b)——happiness living in a shabby hut. Again happiness (b)——from person to person. A beggar can be happy if he (c)—–a coin but a business man who can (d)——-a huge sum of money a day may not be happy. Happiness (e)—-only the blessing of Allah.


Alarm Return Go Be Pursue Flee
  1. One night at around one, I was (a)—– home from Dhaka medical college hospital. I had (b)—— there to see an injured friend. As I did (c)—— any transport, I was walking towards my house which was not far away .there (d)—— even a single person on the street. Suddently I was (e)—— to hear sounds of someone’s footsteps.


Be come change discover emerge invent  break  fight
  1. Muhammed Yunus and the grameen Bank have (a)—as the winners of the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize for their pioneering work in lending to the poor. The Grameen Bank project has (b)—a model for so many developed and developing countries of the world. Dr. Yunus has (c)—that only a very small amount of interest free loan can be offered to the poorest women folk(d)—vicious cycle of poverty. Money will not change them. The loan amount will only be a weapon to (e)—against poverty.


be use add have work change do keep
  1. Mobile phone is one of the wonder of modern science. It has (a)……a new dimension to our way of life and to the communication system. It is a telephone system that (b)…..without any wire. Mobile telecommunication (c)…. became a part of modern life. Now a days(d)….a mobile phone is not a luxury in this country like Bangladesh. People (e)… phone to do rapid communication.


jump run pass be play go have
  1. I (a)—the grimmest shock of my life the other day.A few boys of about 10 to 12 were playing with a tennis ball in a corner of the park opposite to our house.Suddenly,one of them jumped over the ralling and (b)—-into the middle of the street after the ball that (c)—come out there.Just at that time, a truck (d)—along the place.The boy came right infront of it so suddenly and so unexpectedly that the driver had no time to stop his vehicle became it (e)—too late.A loud cry of alarm went forth from the people around.


see pass  lie  know climb play  sit
  1. Robin and Rafiq are intimate friends.Ond day they (a)—— through a forest.Suddenly they (b)—a bear coming towards them. “Do you (c)—-how to climb a tree?Rafiq said to Rabin. “No”, Robin answered. “I(d)—–up a tree.You better ran away,” saying this,Rafiq climbed up the nearby tree. “I (e)—-down on the ground because a hear does not touch deadbody.” Robin thought to himself.



tell make destroy  ask be  have
  1. What is the first and foremost need for our prosperity,education,money or wealth? Some people say that money is the means whereby everything can be (c)—-.But I shall(c)—you that education is the best of all.Proper education (d)—the way to earn money and wealth .(e)—a good student to have all the three.


Leave Runget Have Come Be Begin
  1. Last evening, I was walking along the Sadar Road.My little sister (b)—with me.Suddenly,a young man came(b)—-and snatched her gold chain out from her neck. I (c)—-to run after the snatcher.But after a while, I thought,it was not wise to (d)—-my sister alone as it was (e)—–dark.


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