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Physical Exercise

Introduction: Physical exercise is one of the factors for improving our health. Hence, physical exercise is necessary for every person. It is more necessary for the students and the officers because they never do any kind of physical labour. Physical exercise means the regular movement of our limbs. It is very essential for maintaining sound health.

Different forms of physical exercises: There are many kinds of physical exercise. They are of two classes, such as body-building exercise and outdoor games. A body-building exercise can be done inside a room.

But the outdoor games can be played only in open field. Some of the outdoor games can be played in a spacious compound. The outdoor games are generally, ha-du-du, hide-and-seek, football, volleyball, badminton, hockey, tennis, cricket and so on.

Swimming, running, cycling, horse-riding and long-walking are also very good kinds of physical exercise. Importance: To ensure an active and sound body, there is no alternative to physical exercise.

Without it, our body gets inactive. Regular physical exercise keeps our body fit and energetic. We know, “A sound mind lies in a sound body”. So, to enjoy a sound life, we must take it daily.

Proper time and place: Exercises should be taken considering proper time and place. It should be taken in an open field or in a gymnasium where air can enter easily. Morning is the best period for walking, swimming, jogging, etc. Early rising and walking for some time in open air is very helpful.

Conclusion: Everyone wishes to lead a sound life. Physical exercise is, no doubt, good for our health. Without doing it, we cannot keep ourselves healthy. So, to ensure a sound body and a sound mind, we should take physical exercise regularly.

My First Day at School

Or, The Most Memorable Day of My Life
Or, A Memorable Event in My Life

Introduction: It is almost ten years since I went with my father to take admission into my village school. I was then in my 6th year. And from that tender age, I began my schooling. Now I am a student of class 8. But I can still clearly remember that interesting incident of my first day at school.

Admission to school: I was a bit late to join my school. The other students of my age in my locality took admission earlier than I. For this I became almost crazy to join the school.

Only two days back before I took my admission, my parents declared the news of my schooling. Hearing this, I became very much excited. I started leaping and laughing in great joy.

I at once went out and told this exciting news to whoevdr I met on my way. I immediately joined all the children of my age and gave them this happy news.

First day: But when the day of my schooling came, I became quite restless. I went to every member of my family and received their blessings. They all wished me a successful life.

Then I reached my school with my father. I at once joined my classmates and started shouting and running around the school premises in joy and excitement. I thought that I was in the school only to enjoy myself with my classmates.

First Class: Suddenly the bell for class rang and I entered the first class of my school life. When our class teacher called out my name, I became so excited that I could not understand what I should do.

My teacher stared at me for a while and asked me what my father’s name was. I answered and after that he introduced me to the whole class.

Two more classes: Then two more classes were held. After this, the school broke up. We, some newcomers, made friends. We wandered around the school and played in the school field. All these things gave me much joy and thrill.

Conclusion: This was my first day at school and it was a very interesting day/ event in my life. Till today I cannot forget this day/event of my childhood.

The Season I Like Most / The Spring in Bangladesh

Introduction: There are six seasons in Bangladesh. The spring is one of them. It is the loveliest and the most charming of all the seasons. The Bangla months of Falgun and Chaitra make this season. I like this season most.

Reasons of my choice: Among the seasons, the spring occupies a very high position. To me the winter is very cold, dull and lifeless. In summer, the scorching sun, hot days and nights make life miserable.

The heavy rain and frequent floods in the rainy season bring great sufferings for us. The autumn and the late autumn have more or less the disadvantages of the rainy season and the winter respectively. But the spring has none of the inconveniences of these seasons. Coming after winter, it charms us all.

Natural scenery: With the arrival of the spring, nature puts on a lively look. Everything of nature looks fresh. The sky looks clear and blue, trees put forth new leaves, flowers of charming colour and scent bloom in trees.

Bees and butterflies hum and fly from one flower to another. During this season, gentle breeze begins to blow. Sweet twitters of birds are heard. The melodious notes of the cuckoo please our ears.

Importance: All these charming and pleasing sights and sounds have a positive influence on our mind. Everywhere there is joy. People enjoy a better health. They are happier in this season. Besides, various kinds of vegetables and fruits are also available then.

Disadvantages :The season lasts for a very short period. During this season, some people suffer from some diseases like diarrhoea, cholera, chicken-pox. Pox is a common disease in this season.

Conclusion: In spite of its few disadvantages, its advantages are more. Truly speaking, its actual stay in Bangladesh is not more than two or three weeks. Perhaps its short stay has made it dearer to us. For all these reasons, I like spring most.

A Village Fair

Introduction: A village fair is an annual affair where various things are displayed (SPif5^®) and sold. Nearby villagers go to a village fair to buy various things. It gives .them much joy and merriment.

Time, occasion and site: A village fair sits to celebrate the occasions like the first day of Baishakh, and Muharram, the first month of the Hijri year, etc. It sits under a big tree or at a suitable place of some villages. So, people from different nearby areas pan easily go there.

Description/A kind of exhibition/Things exhibited: Many shopkeepers, artists (frtfl) and artisans set uptheir stalls with goods such as toys, sweetmeat, cosmetics, jute and cotton handicrafts (^Pt?t), tapestries, bamboo- made goods and many attractive items. These goods are for display and sale.

Special attractions: Merry-go-round puppet show, magic show, circus and ‘jatra’ are the special attractions in a village fair. People of all ages come here to enjoy these attractions. Children enjoy much in a village fair.

Usefulness/Importance/Merits/Advantages: A fair inspires artists, artisans, potters, weavers and so on to improve their goods. It helps cottage industries to develop. It helps to remove the monotony of the villagers. It also helps to keep our art and culture durable.

Demerits/Disadvantages/Abuses/Drawbacks: A village fair has some dark.sides too. Gambling is played here and it makes ordinary people lose their money. Sometimes, it is beset with evil and wicked people who eve-tease girls and pollute the environment.

Conclusion: A village fair is a happy occasion. Our simple villagers try to enjoy its charms. It should be kept neat and dean and free from all kinds of chaos. Thus village fair may play an important role in refreshing the village life and improve the rural economy.

Rice/Our Staple Food

Introduction: We eat so that we can-live. Food is our most basic need. Rice is our staple food. We grow plenty of rice in our country. It is the main food crop of Bangladesh. We get rice from paddy.

Kinds, where grown: Paddy is of different kinds. In our country there are four kinds of paddy. They are Aush, Aman, Boro and IRRI, Aman is the best variety. But nowadays IRRI grows in plenty in Bangladesh.

Rice grows in Bangladesh, India, Japan, Thailand, the USA, China, etc. In Bangladesh rice grows everywhere. The rice of Bogra’, Barisal and Dinajpur is fine and famous.

Climate, soil, cultivation: Rice is grown in hot and moist climate. Plenty of rainfall is necessary for its cultivation. The soil must be fertile to grow rice well. At first, farmers plough and level the land.

Then the land is prepared for sowing the seeds. The field is weeded several times. Paddy ripens in about four to five months and looks golden and fine.

How gathered/ obtained: Paddy is reaped when it is ripe. Then it is cut down, tied up in bundles and brought to barn. The grains are separated from the stalks by different methods. The grains are then boiled and dried in the sun. The dried paddy is then husked. Thus we get rice.

Usefulness/Uses: Rice is used for many purposes. Many things such as muri, khai, chira, etc. are made from it. The stalks are also used as fuel and food for cattle. Many people use it as straw of their roof.

Conclusion: About 50% of the people of the world live on rice. About 80% of the people of our country are dependent on paddy cultivation.

But they are poor, illiterate and ignorant of the modern scientific method of cultivation. Modern scientific method of cultivation should be used to grow more food. So, we should take proper steps for growing more rice.


“Jute/The Golden Fibre of Bangladesh”

Jute/The Golden Fibre of Bangladesh

Introduction: Jute is a kind of fibre. It is obtained from the bark of jute plants. It is a cash crop of Bangladesh. We earn a lot of foreign exchange by exporting jute and jute goods.

So, it is called the golden fibre of Bangladesh. Description: Jute grows up straight from ten to twelve feet high. The barks and leaves of jute are light and green in colour. The plant has no branches. The stem is covered with a thick bark.

Where grown: Jute grows almost in all the districts of Bangladesh. Three-fourths of the total jute production of the world are grown in Bangladesh. Jute is also grown in many other countries like India, China, Japan, Burma, etc. But Bangladesh produces the best kind of jute.

How grown: Jute grows in low land. Farmers plough the land well in the Bangla months of Falgun and Chaitra. After a shower of rain they sow the seeds. The plants come out in a few days.

When the plants grow up to one feet, the weeds are removed and the soil is made loose. After three to four months plants grow to their full size and get matured.

How fibre is got: Farmers cut down the mature jute plants and bind them into bundles. Then they put the plants under water for some days. The plants rot there. Then the barks are separated, washed and dried in the sun. The fibre is then tied into bundle and is ready for sale in the market.

Usefulness: Jute is a very useful thing. It is the main cash crop of Bangladesh. Gunny bags, mats, ropes, coarse cloth, etc. are made of it. Jute stalks are used for fence and fuel. The green leaves are also eaten as vegetables.

Conclusion: In fine, we can say that jute plays a significant role in the economy of Bangladesh, Government should tak necessary steps for more jute cultivation and set up more jute mills in our country.

My Country

Introduction: The name of my country is Bangladesh. It is a small country. It is in the South East Asia. Its area is 1,47,570 square kilometres. It became independent on the 16th December of 1971.

Capital and languages: Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh. The state language of the country is Bangla.

Community: Bangladesh is an over-populated country. More than 140 million people live here. Most of them are Muslims. The others are Hindus, Buddhists, and Christians.

Dress: The national dress for men is payjama and panjabi and for women, sari. But the most of the people wear trousers and shirts and young women wear salwar and kamiz. Village people wear lungis and shirts.

Occupation: Bangladesh is an agricultural’ country. Most of our people are farmers. Some are office-goers, businessmen, doctors, engineers, fishermen, weavers, carpenters, etc. Others are day labourers.

Rivers: Bangladesh is a land of rivers. The Brahmaputra, the Jamuna, the Meghna, the Padma and the Karnafuli are the main rivers of Bangladesh.

Crops/Fruits: The land of Bangladesh is very fertile. Various kinds of crops and fruits are grown here. Rice is our staple food. Jute and tea are our main cash crops. Mangoes, jackfruits, pine-apples, papayas, coconuts, oranges, palms, guavas, bananas are very delicious and nutritious fruits of Bangladesh.

Seasons/Climate: There are six seasons in our country. These are: summer, rainy season, autumn, late autumn, winter and spring.

Conclusion: Bangladesh is a land of natural beauty. Numerous trees of different sizes have added to the beauty to a great extent. I love my country with all my heart. I will do my best to serve my country.

My Favourite Person

Who: My favourite person is my father. I have met many persons in my life. But he is such a person who I admire most. His simplicity, honesty and some other noble qualities impress me much.

He is the greatest man I have ever met in my short span of life. What he is: My father is a school teacher. He is forty years old. He has a dark complexion. He is five feet and six inches tall. He leads a very busy life.

How he is: He is frank, generous and simple. He is simple in his ways of life too. But he has high thinking. These qualities impress me very much. He is out and out an honest man. He never hankers after wealth or money. He always shows us the honest and truest path.

His activities: He is an early-riser. He rises very early in the morning and says his prayers. My father then goes to his school. He is very much regular and punctual. He never misses his classes.

He is always helpful to his students. He sometimes helps his poor students to buy their books and other things. He is kind and humble. He is outspoken. This quality impresses me very much.

He is a social worker too. He always thinks about the development of the country. He is a patriot. He is also a man of firm character.

He always keeps himself away from all kinds of evils. Why favourite: For all these reasons he is my favourite person. His honesty, truthfulness, patriotism, punctuality, I etc. are really praiseworthy.

‘ Conclusion: These days most of the people work for ‘self-interest. But he is an exception to this. For all these reasons my father is a favourite person to me. I am proud of my father.


Our Village

Introduction: The name of our village is Putimary. It is in the district of Khulna. It is a very big village.

Description: Our village stands on the river Ulubunia. It is three miles long. A brick road runs along the bank of the river. There are four high schools, seven primary schools, a madrasah and a post office in our village. There are also m&ny ponds, tanks and tube-wells in the village.

Population: The population of the village is very large. About ten thousand people live here. Most of them are Muslims. But there are also Hindus,. Christians and Buddhists.

Most of the people are farmers. Some are businessmen and some are farm workers. There are some educated people in the village. All the people livve here with peace and happiness.

Facilities: There is a big bazaar in our village. It sits every morning. The villagers can buy their daily necessaries lroni there.

Climate: The climate of the village is healthy. There is no shortage of drinking water in the village. People are very conscious of their health. There are few reports of any epidemic.

Conclusion: Our village is one of the best villages in our district. The scenery around the village is charming. All the people here live happily. I am proud of my village.

A Village Market

Introduction: A village market is a place where the villagers buy and sell their daily necessaries. It is an important place for the villagers. It plays a vital role in the village economy.

Sitting place: A village market sits in an open space in the village. It generally sits under a big banyan tree or by the side of a road or on the baftk of a river or by a canal.

Kinds: Village markets are of two_ kinds — hats and bazaars. Bazaars sit every day in the morning and break at noon. But hats sit in the afternoon once or twice a week. Villagers generally fix one or two days of a week for a hat and the day is called ‘Hat bar’. A hat continues from midday to evening.

Sections/Parts: Usually a village market is divided into three sections. They are open shops, temporary shops and permanent shops. In the open shops vegetables, milk, fruit, fish, betel nut, etc. are sold.

This part of the market is always crowded. People buy and sell these things here. The grocers sit in the temporary shops: People can buy oil, salt, onion, pulse, garlic, ginger, etc. from the grocers. And in the permanent shops clothes, shoes, wheat, rice, flour, ghee, spices and different stationary items are sold.

There are also sweetmeat and the tailors’ shops. There are also tea stalls, saloons etc. People can buy meat, potteries, ducks, etc. in the village market also. Cattle are also sold in big village markets.

Demerits: A village market has some demerits too. It is not kept clean. The place becomes dirty after the end of the market. Sometimes haggling over the price of things leads to quarrel.

Conclusion: In spite of the demerits, a village market is very useful and important in the life of the villagers. It is the meeting place of the villagers. They meet their kith and kin and exchange their views and ideas. The villagers sell their goods and buy their necessary products. It saves time, money and energy of the villagers.

The Rainy Season

Introduction: There are six seasons in Bangladesh. The rainy season is one of them. It is made up of Ashwar and Shrabon. It is a season of mixed feelings.

When it comes: The rainy season comes after summer. It comes after the month of Jaistha. It comes to us as a gift of nature.

Description: In the rainy season the sky remains clouded. Sometimes it rains all day long. The sun is hardly visible. Strong wind blows. Thunder roars and there is the flash of lightning.

Ponds and tanks become full to the brim. Canals and rivers are overflowed. The low lying areas go under water. Flowers bloom and spread sweet fragrance.

Advantages: The rains purify the atmosphere and wash away dirt from the surface of the earth. Then the nature looks fresh and clean.

Disadvantages: The rainy season brings sufferings and troubles too. Roads become muddy. Communication in rural areas becomes difficult. The poor people suffer a lot.

They cannot go out for work. Cattle suffer much in this season. Diseases like malaria, dysentery break out. Heavy rainfall causes flood. The flood damages crops, livestock and properties.

Conclusion: Bangladesh is mainly an agricultural country. The rainy season is’ very important for our agriculture. So, the rainy season is a blessing to us too.

A Rainy Day

Introduction: A rainy day is the day when it rains all day long or with some intervals. It drizzles continuously. It rains after a hot spell of some days.

‘ Condition of weather: On such a day, there are sharp showers, roaring thunders, lightning flashes and strong wind. The sky is hardly seen. Black clouds fly about and the sun cannot peep out. Rivers, canals and tanks become full of water. Water stands on roads. They become muddy and slippery.

Disadvantages: People of all sections suffer a lot on this day. It is impossible to come out of homes without umbrellas. Office-goers go to work with umbrellas, shoes in hand and clothes folded up to the knee.

Students have to do the same. They wear raincoat or take umbrellas and rush to their classes. Some of them stay indoors. Sometimes schools remain closed due to ceaseless rain. It brings joy to the students.

Passers-by walk on the streets very carefully. Sometimes they slip and fall on the muddy road. The poor and the day labourers suffer a lot on this day. They cannot go out to find work, so they often go without food. The farmers cannot work in their lands.

Advartagees: However, some people enjoy the day in their own way. A rainy day is indeed refreshing. Some people pass the day playing carom, ludu or watchirtg TV. They arrange special cooking, for example, hotchpotch.

They eat muri mixed with chanachur, chilli and onion. The sounds of the raindrops, leaves and buds of plants and trees bring a new life. Nature seems to take a new look.

Children gather around their grandma or grandpa to hear stories. Conclusion: So, a rainy day has a mixed expression to all of us.

It is a nuisance to some people as they cannot continue their daily work. On the other hand, it offers a great recreation to some other people.


Television / Uses and Abuses of Television

Introduction: Television is one of the wonders of modem science. It is a scientific device to send pictures and sound to distant places. It gives us much recreation and education.

Invention of the television: A German scientist, Paul Nepkov, invented television. Then John Beyard modernized it. Description: The word ‘tele’ means distance and ‘vision’ means sight.

So, the word ‘television’ means ’seeing from distance’. We can see the affairs of different parts of the world through it. Now, this equipment has become very popular.      »

Its popularity: Nowadays television has become very popular. We find televisions in almost all houses in towns and cities, and even in villages. It has become a part of our life.

Importance/ Merits/ Uses: The merits of television are great. It helps us to know about politics, science, sports, entertainment of the world. It is a good means of communication.

It can educate people on the current topics of the world. Model teaching can be broadcast through television. Bangladesh Open University, for example, is teaching many people through television.

Recreation: Television recreates us greatly. We watch it to enjoy various entertaining programmes. It is helpful for removing our tiredness of routine work.

Disadvantages or abuses: It has some abuses too. Our young boys and girls often waste their valuable time watching it. It hampers their studies. Again, watching television for a long time may disturb their eye-sight.

Conclusion: Television is a great achievement in modern life. It has made our life enjoyable. But we must use it wisely and Computer’ carefully. Then we will be benefitted


Introduction: Computer is a great invention of modern science and technology. It has opened a new era with its wonders. Nowadays, lots of things are done with the help of computer. We feel happy to have computer among us.

History/ How invented: Charles Babbage, a Professor of mathematics, first thought of it in 1830. But Professor Haward Aikin invented computer. Afterwards, it has been made more modernized.

The major components of computer: There are three units of a computer. They are Central Processing Unit (CPU), key board and mouse, and monitor. All these parts of a computer work jointly to give output. All the parts are interrelated with one another.

Functions/ Usefulness: The usefulness of a computer is great. We can use computer in banks, Business firms, press, industries, educational institutions and so on to get benefits from it. The latest development over computer is the internet. It is the store-house of vast information.

Uses in education: Computer is also used in education. In developed countries computers are used in educational institutions for teaching and solving various problems. Teaching of science and technology greatly depends on computers.

Computer in Bangladesh: Bangladesh is gradually developing in science and technology. She is trying to use computer in solving various problems.

Many banks, industries, business firms, universities, colleges, schools, etc. are using computer. Courses on computer are also given in various educational institutions.

Conclusion: Computer is essential for developing our poor country. We should not misuse it. We should use it properly for our betterment. If we can get good output from computer, we will be able to improve our country.


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