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English 2nd Paper Common Composition 6-10



The span of life which a person spends in schools, colleges or universities for receiving education is called student life. It is the best part of life. This is the time when everyone is free from cares and anxieties of the world. The duty of students is to learn, to improve and to equip themselves for the future struggle in practical life.

The student life of a child begins when it is first sent to school and lasts until he/she enters into adulthood to meet the worldly life. This is the time which equips a person with academic, mental and social training. At schools, colleges or universities a student comes in close contact with teachers and students.

This gives him an exquisite opportunity to acquire knowledge and also to cultivate the virtue of fellow feeling. Future career largely depends upon one’s performance in student life.

Student life is called the seed time of human life. At this stage, every student is like a lump of clay and can be moulded into any shape. So student life is the proper time for the formation of character. With this end in view, a student should not confine his reading to textbooks only.

He should also read newspapers, magazines and good books on different subjects. Besides increasing the horizon of his knowledge, this habit also gives him necessary information about practical life

Student life also paves the ground for practising co-curricular activities like debating, recitation, writing for school magazines, music and so on. By participating in debates, students can improve their power of speaking. By contributing articles to the school magazines, they can cultivate the power of writing. Moreover, during natural disasters students play the pioneer role, they try their utmost to help the distressed.

Along with these activities, students should take part in various indoor and outdoor games to stay fit. Sometimes, they show special feats in sports and bring prestige and honour for their institutions and for the country as well.

A good student takes full advantage of this happy life. But a bad student is a constant trouble to the teacher. He is liked neither by his teachers nor by his fellow students. He learns nothing and suffers in life. Thus to enjoy student life, a student must obey his teachers, superiors as well as mind his lessons.



The emergence of Bangladesh as an independent nation is certainly a momentous event in the history of the world in the last century. It was on 16th December, 1971 when Bangladesh came into being as a free and sovereign country after a bloody struggle of nine months against the then autocratic Pakistani rulers.

Since then, 16th December is celebrated as the Victory Day with great enthusiasm and renewed pledge to build the nation. On this day, we also remember the supreme sacrifice of our heroic sons who laid down their lives for the country, and pay a glowing tribute to their departed soul.

The celebration of the Victory Day has become an important part of our culture. On this day, the country pulsates with a new life and is seized with a spirit of wild joy. This shows us a ray of hope that one day we will be in the forefront of nations.

In Dhaka, there are demonstrations of joy from sunrise to sunset, and somewhere even into late night. The day usually begins with gunshots. Then follows a parade by the armed forces at the National Stadium. The president, the prime minister, ministers and high officials attend the programme. A large concourse of people from far and near witness the programme. The president takes the salute. The mass drill by the school children is also a special feat of the day. It makes an impressive sight hardly to be forgotten.

The day is a national holiday. Our national flag is kept hoisted over public buildings. Private houses also are gaily decorated with flags and festoons. There are brilliant illuminations in the evening. The whole of the country assumes a festive look.

To celebrate the day, many meetings, seminars, discussions and various programmes on patriotic songs, patriotic poetry recitations are also held across the country. The Jatiya Smriti Shawdha at Savar is thronged with people. National dailies bring out special supplements while BTV and Bangladesh Betar air special programmes. The president as well as the prime minister sends message to the people through mass media.

About thirty five years have passed since we achieved our freedom. We celebrate this day with joy and gaiety. But most of our people are still poor and illiterate. Since true freedom means not only territorial freedom but also economic freedom and freedom from illiteracy, it can rightly be said that the celebration of the Victory Day will be more meaningful when we will be free from poverty and illiteracy.



Modern science has turned the impossible into possible. Science has hugely advanced from its medieval age. Nowadays, we can see the wonders of science almost all around us. Science has done wonders for us. It has made our life easy and comfortable. We can not think of our modern life without the products of science.

There are quite a number of wonders done with the help of science. The discovery of electricity is the first wonder of modern science. It has changed our life, society and culture. It is a great source of power and energy. The radio, television, lights, fans, electric irons, mills, factories, refrigerators, all other electronic devices work through the power of electricity.

Modern science has narrowed down the distance between the farthest corners of the world. It has linked up all the countries of the world. Telephone, telex, fax, wireless, telegram are great wonders. It has brought the world closer to us. We can send news from one corner of the world to other within a moment.

Modern science has conquered space, distance and time. Radio and television are also great media for communication. It has saved our valuable time. We can travel hundreds of miles within a short period of time by cars, aeroplanes, buses, trains, launches and steamers
Science has come up with wonder works for our recreation. Cinema, television, radio, tape recorder, gramophone and DVD etc. are the wonders of modern science meant for our recreation.

Science has lessened human sufferings. It has given eyes to the blind, hearing to the deaf, legs to the lame. It has found out new ways of health and life. It has increased the joys of life. Penicillin, X-Ray, biopsy and ultrasonography, E.C.G. are some of the wonders of modern science in the field of medical science. Hospitals, private clinics and doctors can not go even a single day without these.

The invention of computer happens to be the most significant breakthrough in the realm of modern science. Computer has facilitated many other inventions. Computer is playing an all encompassing role in our life. It entertains us, it performs office chores for us, it helps us carry out research works. Modern day space technology critically depends on the mechanism used in computers. Internet is another wonder of modern science. Thanks to Internet, we can send and receive information in seconds.

The invention of nuclear energy and genetic engineering are great wonders of modern science. Genetic engineering has helped us increase manifold the amount of agricultural output. Genetic engineering is helping us trace the most untraceable diseases.

Rocket is another wonder of science. It has made space travel easy. Due to the invention of rocket, man has landed on the moon successfully. Rockets are being used as the vehicles for research works in remote planets like the Mars.

Science has changed the mode of our life. Science has changed the way we think. The modern people look to science for freeing them from all the drudgeries of their everyday life.



Life is ever-shifting. It flows from one situation to another, one place to another. We do not stay at a particular place for ever. For various reasons, we have to change our houses, our professions, our habits, and our friends. In line with the change of profession, one of our school teachers departed from our school. Md. Nurul Amin had been our class teacher. He is an MA in English literature. He had also been the Head of English Department in our school. He is a noble soul. He always employed his energy to render service to the department.

Recently, Mr. Nurul Amin came out successful in the BCS exam. As a BCS cadre, he has been appointed to a government post. Naturally, he had to decide to join the government job. But he was not very much happy to leave us.

In recognition of his services, a grand farewell meeting was held on the last Friday of the month of January 2005. The meeting was held in the school auditorium. Important local personalities, all the teachers and students were invited in the meeting. Our Principal presided over the meeting.

Elaborate and brief discussions were made on the departing teacher. The speakers shed light on his keen sense of responsibilities and scholarly performances. Our Principal highly praised his honesty and sincerity. A student of class ten went to the podium and read out a well-written farewell note.

The farewell note reflected the mood of all the students of the school. The student at the podium began by addressing Mr. Nurul Amin as a noble and dedicated teacher. He then focused on how dearly we the students were going to miss him.

Then came the turn of Mr. Nurul Amin himself. He was now to deliver a speech. He looked terribly sad. At first, he addressed the Principal of our school, the key persons present at the meeting and above all the students of the school. In his speech, he thanked the Principal and his colleagues for their co-operation during his service days. Then he addressed the students he had taught.

At this point, he turned pretty emotional. He said he loved his students very much and he would heavily miss them. Then he advised the students on how to study effectively. He requested the students to remain honest throughout their life. Mr. Nurul Amin explained why he must depart from the school. He said that he would leave the school but the memory of the students would remain in his heart for ever.

The whole atmosphere of the meeting was calm and quiet. At the end of the meeting, the colleagues and students of Mr. Nurul Amin presented him with a flower wreath. The meeting ended in a solemn atmosphere.



The word discipline is derived from a Latin word ‘discipulus’. ‘Discipulus’ means that a disciple obeys the orders of his master without any question. So discipline is a moral quality. Discipline means obedience to law and order. It is necessary to obey the rules of discipline because human progress depends on it.

Men live in a society. He cannot do whatever he likes. So he has to obey some rules and regulations. If everybody violates the rules of discipline, the society will get chaotic. So discipline has a great value in every sphere of our life. It is essential for happiness and progress.

Discipline may be classified into three types. They are personal discipline, public discipline, and religious discipline. Personal discipline is formulated by the person himself. Public discipline is imposed by the state and law. And religious discipline is regulated by the religion one follows.

Everyone in the army is to lead a strictly disciplined life. If the soldier does not obey orders or if the General does not obey instructions, the army becomes at once a mere rabble. Difficulties or dangers cannot divert a soldier from carrying out the orders of his commanders.

Discipline is strictly maintained in games and sports. A player has to obey the decisions of the referee or umpire and the captain of the team. A disciplined team always wins over an undisciplined team.

In every house there is a sort of government. All the members obey and respect the head of the family. And the head leads the family in a disciplined way. A disciplined family leads a healthier and happier life.

A student has to obey the rules of the institute. He has to carry out the order or advice of his superiors, show respect to his teachers. The teachers and the staff also obey the rules of the institute.

An office cannot run smoothly if the juniors do not obey the orders of the seniors. Discipline is essential for the growth and development of all the social, political or economic organizations. The society and the state depend upon the disciplined conduct of their members. Discipline is found even in the society of the lower animals.

Discipline has a great importance at every sphere of life. It ensures safety, peace, progress and happiness to all.

The achievements of our civilization are the rewards of discipline. Discipline makes a man real and pure one. Thus nothing can go on smoothly without discipline. There can be no progress and no stability of a society or a state without discipline.

Life in modern time has become complicated. So the necessities of discipline have become greater now. Again life without discipline means a life full of chaos. So we should lead our lives in a disciplined manner.


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