Paragraph Writing JSC SSC HSC

Paragraph Writing JSC SSC HSC.


Some people come to win the heart of all the people of the world through their undying contribution. Sometimes, their sincere love brings the dying people back to life. They depart from this earth, but never from our heart. Mother Teresa is one of them. She used to consider all the people, both rich and poor, as children of God. She offered love and care to the poorest of the people. She used to bring the terminally ill people from the streets of Calcutta to the “Home for the Dying Destitute” that she founded. Mother Teresa was born on 26 August, 1910 in Skopje, Macedonia. Her father was an Albanian builder. She had two elder siblings. At the age of 18, she joined the Order of the Sisters of Our Lady of Loreto in Ireland. In 1928 she began her journey to India. In 1931 she began teaching at a Calcutta girls’ school. In 1952 she founded “Nirmol Hridoy”. In 1953 she started an orphanage.

SSC- English Grammar And Composition

SSC- English Grammar And Composition 

In 1957 she and her Missionaries of Charity began working with lepers. She worked towards making human life peaceful through love. In her service, she placed the humans above all. She never emphasized the differences in religions, geographical borders, and nations. This is why she earned the love of people belonging to all religions and all countries. For humanitarian works she was awarded many prizes. Of all those prizes, the greatest was the Nobel Prize that she was awarded in 1979. This magnanimous woman died on September 5, 1997. All through her life, she served the suffering humanity and inspired others to do the same. This benevolent lady is known to all of the world. In the heart of mankind, she will remain live forever.


A home is a place where a man lives with his near and dear ones. Our sweet home is really charming. It is situated in a village in Gopalgonj. My father built it 13 years ago. It is a one-storied F- shaped building. It comprises an area of two acres of land. It stands in the midst of natural beauty. It is situated in an open place with good space on all sides. So air and sunlight may come easily. There are some trees around the house. They keep the house cool in summer. It is very comfortable to sit in the shade of the trees during hot weather. A big canal flows by the north of it. It has as many as seven rooms which include three bedrooms, one dining room, one store room, one reading room and a drawing room.

It has also a balcony, and attached baths. The dining room is big. It is situated in the front side. There is a small flower garden in the yard. There are many scented flowers in this garden. Due to this, our residence remains scented and beautiful. My school is not far from my house. Necessary things are available near the house. Moreover, as we ourselves own this house, we do not have to worry about the paying rents for this. My house is situated in a place from where I can easily see the sun-set through the windows of my room. As my home stands in the midst of natural beauty, it has certainly influenced my early life to a great extent. To me, my home is really the sweetest place on the earth. I love it more than anything else.


We have already been entered into the 21st century. The world has become more competitive. To survive in this competitive world there is no alternatives to human resource. We cannot think of the development of a nation without the involvement of women. This absolute truth has acquired a worldwide recognition. Women constitute nearly half of our total population. A woman can help a nation in development process in many ways. The society recognizes the role of a woman as a mother and a housewife. But the role of a woman as a worker has not been recognized by all. But it is not less important at all. Women have proved their skill as a teacher and administrator, lawyer, doctor, etc.

So we cannot think about development of a nation ignoring their ability of contribution. Women’s status and position has changed positively in the course of time. Now they are successfully performing in every sector. Their participation has increased both in the formal and informal sectors. Today they have come out of their home bondage. They are now contributing to our development process. We cannot defy that a radical change has taken place during the last few years. If the nation can utilize women’s skill in full, our country will surely go ahead competing with the world in this era of globalization. We must not forget that man’s progress depends upon woman’s.


Noted economist of the country professor Yunus was moved by the misery of the landless and helpless people of the rural areas. He thought a lot to free poor people from poverty. He understood that without developing the fortune of the poor people it is impossible to improve our economy. Following this point of view, Dr. Yunus, professor of economics department of Chittagong University, established Grameen Bank in 1972. It extends banking facilities to the underprivileged people by helping them to start small business or take up small-scale project so that they can earn and lead a better life. As per the rules and regulations of the bank, the poor people who are interested to take loans are to make 5-6 groups of workers, each group comprising of five members before borrowing money from the bank. Every branch of the bank has to have a center with a chairperson and a secretary where the bank will work to give and receive repayments of loans. Members conduct their business with the Bank through the chairperson.

Each member has a registration number. The bank gives loans to the members and the bank authority trains and advises the members on making the proper use of the money. The bank maintains that the borrowers do not have to go to the bank for loans; the bank itself goes to the people in need of loans. By borrowing money many jobless and helpless men and women can change their poor condition and be economically independent by setting up small projects such as cottage industry, farming, handicrafts, pottery, dairy farm, poultry farm etc. Now the bank has about 1500 branches and 64 thousand members spreading across 60 thousand villages. Thus the popularity of Grameen Bank is increasing day by day. If we can extend the facilities of Grameen Bank to everyone, we can hope for a strong financial base for a brighter future.


Bangladesh is an agricultural country. All the people of the country directly or indirectly depend on agriculture. Here farmer’s role is very important. The person who does the work of farming is known as a farmer. In Bangladesh the life of a farmer is not so good. He inherits a little land to cultivate. Many of them cultivate rented land. He is illiterate. He does not know how to plough his land scientifically. He can not apply scientific method. He has only a pair of bullocks and some handmade tools. Often he has not enough money to buy seeds, fertilizer or pesticide. As a result, he cannot produce more food for himself and his family. He cannot make proper use of his land. He gets up early in the morning, goes to his land, ploughs it.

Sows the seeds and weeds out. He comes home at noon eats his meal, takes rest and again goes to his land. He is born poor. sometimes he takes loan from the money lenders. If he cannot repay the loan, he sells the piece of land. A farmer is left to the mercy of nature. He has pleasures and pains in life. If he gets a good harvest, his face beams with joy. On the other hand, when his crops are damaged by floods, droughts, cyclones hailstorms etc, his sorrows know no bounds. He and his family starve. He leads a very poor life. Though he works hard, he can not lead a decent life. He can not raise his head from the fear of wants. His life is meant for struggle of existence. So steps should be taken to improve the condition of farmers for the sake of our rural development.


A classroom is the place where classes are held for teaching students. I am a student and I read in a school. As a school student I sit in a classroom. My classroom is in the ground floor of our school. It is very spacious and well ventilated. It can accommodate sixty students. There is a flower garden in the east. So, we get enough fresh air and sunlight from the east and south. It has two doors and four wide windows. The room is well equipped with four fans and three tube lights. As such we don’t face any problems during the hot season. There are twenty high and low benches for the students. There are also a chair and a table for the teachers.

A big black board is fixed to the wall. The walls and the ceiling are nicely white-washed. The doors and the windows are painted light blue. We have hung some pictures and photos of world famous personalities and a calendar on the wall. There is also a world map on the wall to teach us geography. We are very responsible to our classroom. So we always keep our classroom neat and we do not allow any body to make it dirty. We also maintain discipline in our classroom. Among all the classrooms, our classroom is the best. We are proud of our classroom.


My grandmother is an aged lady. She is about seventy years old. She is a successful house-wife. She looks after the family-affairs of a humble school teacher, my grandfather, very efficiently. She brought up all her children creditably. As a result of her wise ministration, all of them are now very well-placed in the society. Now she has retired from active life. But her retirement proves that she has not retired at all. For she is now very busy with us  her grandchildren. She constantly takes care of our health, education and recreation. Besides, she becomes our secure shelter when anybody gets angry with us and threatens us for our naughtiness. Moreover, she has countless amusing stories for our recreation. She is a very pious, generous and charming lady. She loves us very dearly and we are very fond of her as well.


The importance of English cannot be exaggerated. It is an international language. We feel the necessity of learning English at every step. If we do not know English we cannot get a good job. We do not find it easy to live abroad unless we know English. Without knowing English we cannot enter directly into the store-house of knowledge. But unfortunately English does not find its due position in Bangladesh. As a result Bangladesh has remained backward in education and research as well as in other walks of life. By now good sense seems to have dawned upon our educational policy makers. They seek to teach English in the manner it deserves. Now we shall do well to equip ourselves with English in order that we may compete with the citizens of other countries and stands in the struggle for existence.


Buses carry people up and down the streets, roads and highways. They stop at different places on their routes to take and leave the passengers. These places of their stoppage are known as bus stands or bus stops. A bus stand is usually a place of great din and bustle. Buses arrive and depart and, in the process, give rise to a hue and cry. The jostlings of passengers, the cries of hawkers, the approach of beggars, the altercations between the conductors and passengers are some of the disgusting features of a bus stand.

Besides the hooting of horns, the roars of engines and the obnoxious smell of smoke make the place very uncomfortable. At some bus stands, however, there are sheds for passengers to wait. These sheds also accommodate snack-shops, tea stalls and even shops of books, journals, magazines and newspapers. Since bus-journeys are getting more and more popular and unavoidable, steps should be taken to improve the general conditions in bus stands in the interest of the travelling public.


A bank account plays an important role to solve the financial problem. In the last junior scholarship examination I got the talent pull scholarship. So I needed to open an account in the bank urgently to keep my stipend money. For this purpose I chose the Sonali Bank branch near our house. Firstly I consulted about this purpose with the Manager. He asked me if there was any person familiar with me having an account in that branch. Fortunately I had an uncle related with the branch. Then he gave me a form to be filled up. I filled up the form carefully and attached two passport size photographs along with the application. I had to deposit fifty taka as the starting of the account. Then the manager gave me a particular account number and a check book to draw money in time of my need. In this now I opened an account in the bank.


Water is an important element of the environment. Man cannot live without it. Pure water is essential for health. Water is polluted in various ways. Chemical fertilizers and insecticides are used in the fields by the farmers. Rain and floods wash away some of these chemicals and mix them with the water of rivers, canals and ponds. Besides these, mills and factories throw their waste into rivers and canals and pollute the water. Boats, steamers, launches throw oil, food and human waste into the water of rivers and canals. Oil tankers often clean out their tanks at sea and power houses release hot water into river which kills fish and plants. A lot of latrines are built on the banks of rivers and canals. A number of ‘Kutcha’ drains run into rivers and canals. These drains carry human waste and filth and let them fall into the water. Polluted water causes incurable diseases to men. So, we should take proper steps to prevent water pollution.


My father and mother are my parents. My father is thirty-five and mother is about six years younger than father. Both of them are educated persons. My father is an engineer and my mother is a school teacher. He is always busy with his job. Actually my mother looks after us all the time, and helps us do our home task every evening. She keeps the house neat and clean and do other household works with the help of a servant. My parents are fond of reading books and newspapers. Mother is particularly interested in needle work. She makes our clothes with her sewing machine. Father is the head of our family and everybody obeys him. Both of them take a keen interest in our education and welfare. Their love for me and my brothers and sisters is matchless. My parents are my first teachers. I have learnt a lot from them. We should be always polite, obedient and loyal to our parents.


Sunil Monohar Gavaskar is my favourite cricketer. He is one of the greatest cricketers of the world and as a batsman he is a class by himself. For his short stature and excellent performance he is known as ‘the little master.” To his innumerable admirers he is also regarded as ‘the record-breaker Gavasker’ becauase he always likes to enjoy himself in making various new records. He surpasses anybody else except Bradman in terms of score and style of batting. He has the records of highest number of test matches with highest run.

His classic technique as well as temperament give his us immense pleasure. For these reasons, I think him as all time best among the hosts of cricketers. He is also greatly noted for his voluntary service meant for the social enlistment. When he was the sheriff of Bombay, he risked his own life to save a Muslim family from the atrocity of the rioting people. At present he is thinking of ka welfare fund for the benefit of the players and in this regard he has donated Rs. 5 lacs initially to raise the fund. Besides, he is a great commentator of cricket matches for TV network.


There are many kinds of fairs in our country. Book fair is one of them. In a book fair, many stalls are set up in a certain place. These stalls offer various kinds of books of different writers. A book fair caters to the interests of all sorts of people. It offers science fictions for children, novels for the adults, pictorials for the kids, sports techniques for the sportsmen, and many more. The bookstalls are nicely decorated in order to draw the attention of the customers. Books of different tastes are displayed in the stalls. There are novels, poems, short stories, biographies, politics, comics, paperbacks in the book fair. It is a very charming place for the book lovers.

People of different races and classes come to the book fair either to buy books or to enjoy it. Publishers from all around the country come to sell their books in a book fair. This is why the readers get an opportunity to buy the books of their choice. The books displayed in the stalls also come with special discount offers. It enables the readers of lower income to be able to buy some books. In Bangladesh, the most famous book fair is ‘Ekusher Boi Mela’. It is held every year in the month of February. It runs for about a month. Ekusher Boi Mela has become a part of our culture. People go there not only to buy books, but also to meet their friends. Book fairs are also regarded as the meeting place for the teachers, students, poets, writers and their fans. Fans of the renowned writers are seen to hunt for autographs in a book fair. A book fair not only sells books, it creates readers as well. Book fair plays an important role in the cultural life of a country. It helps enlighten the nation.


When electricity of a certain area is used more than the capacity of the electricity generating equipments, there occurs a discontinuation of the supply of electricity. Unplanned distribution of electricity is also a cause of load shedding. In our country load shedding has become a daily occurrence. Houses, mills, factories, industries, shops, hospitals all fall a victim to load shedding. Production is greatly hampered due to the failure of electricity. Domestic life becomes painful. Emergency patients in the hospitals are also affected by load shedding. Students are hit hard. They close their books and sit idly in darkness. The food kept in the refrigerators gets rotten. Load shedding throws everything into disarray. The entire life both domestic and industrial come to a standstill. Load shedding should not be allowed to go on at the present pace. Mismanagement and corruption of the authority concerned are the prime reasons behind load shedding. The government should immediately come forward and take necessary steps to stop it.


A library is a place where books of different writers and of different interests are categorically arranged in bookshelves. A library is the storehouse of knowledge. A school library is what keeps books for students and teachers. Our school has a large and rich library. It is situated in a corner of the first floor. Our school library is well-decorated. It is divided into two sections. In one section, there is a reading room and a counter for issuing books. There is a librarian in charge of issuing books to the students. There is a computer in the counter. In the computer, the librarian keeps records of the books issued and received. Each student has a library card. The students are allowed to borrow books from the library.

A student can keep the borrowed books at home for a week. In the other section, books are arranged in almiras and bookshelves. The reading room is pretty large. Reading tables and chairs are arranged in rows in this section. On each table there is an expensive globe detailing all the salient geographical sites. Provision of the globes helps the students enhance their interest in geography. There are walking spaces between the tables and chairs. Students read books sitting here. Serious students are found to make necessary notes in the library. There are about two thousand books in our school library. The books include stories, novels, dramas, poems, language, textbooks, and many others. A particular shelf in the library holds only the dailies and periodicals. As nowadays some dailies print materials for students, the students of our school go to the school library mainly to go through the dailies. Our school library is also a meeting place for the students and teachers. This is the place where students can discuss various topics with their teachers. It remains open from 10 am to 4 pm. Our school library is very useful to us. The students and the teachers read here in their free moments.


Urbanization of a country has lots of boons. But it has many disgraces also. Traffic jam is one of disgraces of urbanization. Traffic Jam is a common feature in big cities and towns. This problem is a result of the rapid growth of population and the increase in the number of vehicles. In a traffic jam, all the vehicles on a road halt for a long time. In such a situation, passengers sitting and standing in the vehicles suffer a lot. Ambulances with emergency patients are also not spared. In a traffic jam, children suffer most. It kills our valuable time and our work is hampered. The honks and engine sounds of the vehicles create an unbearable situation for all. Traffic jam usually occurs in the congested areas where the roads are too narrow. Most often traffic jam occurs at peak hours. There are many reasons leading to traffic jams. The drivers are not willing to obey the traffic rules.

Overtaking tendency is another cause of traffic Jams. The number of traffic police is insufficient. Most of the vehicles do not have fitness certificates. This problem can be solved by adopting some measures. In order to stop traffic jam, traffic rules should be strictly followed. The number of roads and streets has to be increased. Vehicles must keep to the left, obey speed limits and should avoid overtaking and follow traffic signals. One way movement of vehicles should be introduced everywhere. Traffic rules should be imposed strictly so that the drivers are bound to obey them. Sufficient traffic police should be posted on important points. Unlicensed vehicles should be removed. If all these steps are sincerely taken, our roads and highways will be free from traffic jams, and at the same time our life will be much easier.


There are many remarkable events, years and dates in the history of Bangladesh. The 21st February is one of them. It is very much significant to the Bangladeshis especially the Bangalees. There was conspiracy from British to Pakistan period against Bangla. After the birth of Pakistan, Mohammad Ali Jinnah declared ‘Urdu shall be the only state language in Pakistan’ and on 20th February 1952 parliament member Khaza Nazimuddin proclaimed ‘Urdu will be the state language of Pakistan’ again. Consequences of these declarations were devastating and dangerous. The situation became tense. The govt. imposed section 144 and bannded all meetings and processions. But, the students denied the order and brought out processions. The brutal Pak army shot at the processions indiscriminately.

As a result, many brave sons of Bengal like Rafiq, Shafiq, Salam, Barkat and Jabar died. But the Bangalees did not step back. Rather, the movement became so strong that the government was forced to recognize Bangla as one of the two state languages. It is certainly a glorious achievement that the immortal 21st February of the Bangalees is now being observed worldwide as the “International Mother Language Day.” The day is so declared by UNESCO in November 17, 1999. This declaration has got two most significant aspects, i.e. (i) there are more than four thousand languages in the world and have been accepted by the UNESCO decision and (ii) Rafiq, Shafiq, Jabbar, Salam and Barkat and more nameless brave sons who laid their lives to establish mother language have been honoured and valued. We have got a supreme respect for our mother tongue. So, we are very much proud because of this immortal language.


8th March is currently observed as the ‘International Women’s Day’. In accordance with a declaration by the Socialist Party of America, the first Natonal Women’s Day was observed across the United States on 28 February 1909. In 1910 the Socialist International, meeting in Copenhagen, established a Women’s Day, international in character, to honour the movement for women’s rights and to assist in achieving universal suffrage for women. The proposal was greeted with unanimous approval by the conference of over 100 women from 17 countries, which included the first three women elected to the Finnish parliament. No fixed date was selected for the observance.

As a result of the decision taken at Copenhagen the previous year, the International Women’s Day was marked for the first time (19 March) in Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland, where more than one million women and men attended rallies. In addition to the right to vote and to hold public office, they demanded the right to work, to vocational training and to an end to discrimination on the job. Thus, the day was observed with great hope. It has a great significance. The day is time to reflect on progress made, to call for change and to celebrate acts of courage and determination by ordinary women who have played an extraordinary role in the history of women’s rights.


Arsenic is a much talked serious crisis of the country at present. It is a poisonous chemical element which is found in tube-well water. The excessive quantity of arsenic mixed with water is harmful to human health. This condition of water is called arsenic contamination or arsenic pollution. Now arsenic problem has become a national problem. Arsenic is an extremely toxic white element. In water its acceptable amount is 0.05 gm/ litre. More than such level mixed with water is injurious for health. According to the water-specialists of the country, almost all the districts are under the constant threat of arsenic contamination. When they had started the Arsenic Mitigation Campaign, they found such horrible condition. Arsenic pollution, in this sub-continent, was traced in Kolkata of India.

Then gradually Arsenic Mitigation Campaign had been run in Bangladesh with the help of International Arsenic Mitigation Association. As a result lack of tube-wells have been indicated as arsenic polluted tube-wells. The environmental scientists have been able to discover the cause of arsenic pollution. As per their theory, dissolving natural, geological, deposits from industrial discharges and pesticides cause arsenic contamination. The diseases created by arsenic are known as arsenicosis. A person attacked by arsenicosis suffers from sores, stomach, trouble, gangrin. Kindney diseases, liver and skin disease. In order to make tube-wells arsenic free, people should work as per the suggestion of arsenic specialists. People should not drink water from arsenic polluted tube-wells. In this case, they can drink pond or river water after it has been boiled. Thus they can save themselves from the poisonous claws of dangerous arsenic. Arsenic contamination is countrywide problem. So people should be made conscious about its bad effect on health. In this regard government has to take proper steps.

SSC English 2nd Paper Letter writing style

SSC English 2nd Paper Letter writing style 


May Day is an international holiday of working people. May Day is observed as the international Worker’s Day all over the world. The day commemorates the historic struggle of working people throughout the world. The day bears a historic background. On this day of 1886 people came out demanding a minimum wage, safety laws and eight-hour work-day. But Police fired into a crowd of strikers at the Mc. Comic Harvest Machine Company, Chicago. At this one striker was killed and five or six others were seriously wounded and an undetermined number of people were injured. From the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, people in factories have worked very long shift. In 1880 a new movement calling for an eight workers will continue to be exploited until they stand up and speak out to gain better working conditions, better payment and better lives. The workers have achieved a minimum wage, safety laws and eight hours work day after the incident of 3 May.


Garments workers are the lower class in our society. They have a very poor income. So their life is full of misery, hardships and difficulties. Their contribution to our economy is very praiseworthy and important. But they lead their lives in inhuman condition. Garments factories are located in cities or suburbs. The workers live in the places near the factories. As they cannot afford high rent, they mostly live in small houses with cheap rent. There is no sanitary or other facilities in the locality where the garments workers live. Many of them have to use a single toilet, and bathroom. They have to wait in queue for toilet or bath. Even sometimes they have to go to their working place without having a bath. Garments workers cook for themselves. As they have to work twelve hours or more per day, they get up very early in the morning. They have their breakfast with great haste.


Many of them prepare their lunch at home. They take it with them to the working place. The environment and other conditions of a garments factory is always worrying. They work in a vast room among hundreds of workers. They work for long period at a time. Some of them do over-duty. It is normally seen that the factories are located in densely populated and congested areas. It makes their working place suffocating. Garments workers very often fall ill. They fail to afford proper medical treatment and health care. They suffer from malnutrition. In a word, garments workers live in utter hardships and miseries. Ready-made garments is the main source of our foreign currency. The workers are making this possible. But they are totally deprived of their due right and privileges. Both the government and the authority should take proper steps for their overall improvement.

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