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Our environment is being polluted in many ways. Acid rain is one of them. The rain that drops to the earth with acid is called acid rain. Substances called acids have a sharp taste known as acidity. Ordinary rain water is slightly acidic. But in severely polluted areas rain can be as acidic as the acids of lemon juice or vinegar. Industrially developed areas are mostly responsible for dropping acid rain. This rain, which is very acidic can damage trees, lakes, wild life, buildings and human health. There is a good link between acid rain and damage to human health. Breathing in the chemicals can harm people causing chest illness. Acid rain causes the release of chemicals and metals. This chemical and metals mix with drinking water and pollute it. People drink this water and suffer serious health hazard.

Acid rain contains harmful chemicals. It damages trees, crops and building. Acid pollution spoils the colour of paint, weakens leather and washes away building materials. Fading of the colours of the glass is a common result of acid rain. Many of the world’s famous buildings are at risk from acid pollution. For example, damage to the beautiful Taj Mahal in India, caused by sulpher pollution from nearby oil refineries, was one of the first indicators of acid pollution occurring in the developing world. Thus acid rain affects our environment seriously. So necessary measures should be taken to reduce acid rain for our own interest.


The act of cutting down or burning trees in an area randomly is known as deforestation. In other words, it is a condition of an area that is totally treeless. Bangladesh is under the threat of deforestation. The causes of deforestation are many. We know that Bangladesh is the most densely populated country in the world. Its population is much more in proportion to its area. This huge number of population needs more shelter, agricultural lord, fuel, furniture and so on. To meet these demands people cut down trees indiscriminately. Moreover there are some dishonest people in our country who cut down trees in our forest to make illegal money. Again, there are some illiterate people who do not know the importance of trees and cut them down randomly for making houses of farming. But the effects of deforestation is too much dreadful. It disrupts the ecological balanced severely.

The existence of human being and animals is going to be threatened. Carbon di-oxide is increasing in the world rapidly which is harmful to our life. As a result, the world is becoming warmer. The sea label is rising gradually and many parts of the world is going to be engulfed by the sea in recent future. Whole Maldives and some parts it Bangladesh will go under water in near future. On the other hand new areas of the world are turning into desert. It also causes serious damage to the soil, as trees give protection to soil as well. In the end, the soil gets much sediment in the river bed randomly the country will turn into a desert. There will be no rain and as a result our agriculture will be greatly hampered. The temperature will rise and it will cause green house effect. The snow will be melted and flood will be a common feature here. So immediate measures should be taken to prevent deforestation. Tree plantation program should be expanded. People should be made aware of the harmful effects of cutting down trees randomly.

Paragraph Writing JSC SSC HSC

Paragraph Writing JSC SSC HSC 


The use of polybags is very common in our daily life. But the ingredients of polybags are very harmful for everything. So using polybags emerges as a matter of great concern and threat to us. The use of polybags is unhygienic in many ways. When these bags are burnt some toxic chemicals are emitted from them. These chemicals cause many problems such as birth defects, skin diseases, respiratory trouble etc. Food is also contaminated when polybags are used as wrapper. The eater of such food may be affected by skin diseases and cancer. Polybags are cheap and easily portable. They are thrown out haphazardly. This thrown-out polybags get their place into the drains, block sewerage pipes and the normal and regular flow of drainwater.

That is why all the low areas in a city turns out to be a pool of water during the rainy season. They also lengthen the existence of flood water. Polybags are not decomposed. The bags are swept away into the ponds, rivers etc. and pollute the water. They are harmful for the creatures living in the water. Polythene bags remain unchanged in the layers of soil. They remain there like strong curtain. It prevents the entering of air, water and nutrients to plant roots through the soil. They also kill the beneficial microbes and bacteria in soil. As a result soil loses its fertility and becomes barren. Polythene bags are harmful to our economy and environment. Our jute industries are facing great loss and risk because of unregulated and unsystematic productions of polythene bags. We can help a lot in our economy by using jute-material instead of polythene bags. The problems and bad effects created by polybags is now an open secret. The government’s steps on this issue is praiseworthy. But its full implementation depends on the citizens to a great extent. We must solve this problem unitedly.


There are many remarkable events, years and dates in the history of Bangladesh. Pahela baishakh is one of them. Pahela Baishakh is the first day of Bengali year. That is to say, new Bengali year starts from this day. Pahela Baishakh is very important to the people of Bangladesh and other Bengali-speaking people. In Bangladesh it is a prominent culture and traditional festival. Pahela Baishakh is celebrated in our country for a long period with pomp and grandeur. Pahela Baishakh is one of the most popular festivals in Bangladesh. But there is a special significance in observing this day. Akbar, the third Mughal emperor, was the first to introduce this custom in our country. On that day, the tenants were invited to the house of the landlord and they used to pay their rents there. From then this day is observed by the Bengalees with great enthusiasm. This day affects the life of mass people deeply. They are thrilled very much. Young woman wear saris. They roam about here and there all day long and enjoy various types of functions. In our country Pahela Baishakh is celebrated with great splendour.

It starts from 12:01 am by bursting ‘Potka’. Roads, streets and vacant positions are full of population. Streets and walls are made colourful with festoons and drawing pictures. Different organisations arrange various functions. It is a public holiday. Traders and shop-keepers open fresh account books (hal khata) and offer sweets to their clients and customers. Various types of programmes such as dramas, songs, dance, seminars, symposia etc. are held all day long patronized by different organizations. The first programme of this day begins at dawn at Ramna Batamul in Dhaka. Chhayanat, a leading cultural organisation, organizes this programme. It is really very interesting and attractive to the people. Anyway, on this very day people try to forget the past sorrowful events. They are hopeful for the better future. It is a red letter day in their life.


Generally a magazine is a type of large thin book with a paper cover that one can buy every week or month containing articles, photographs etc. It can be published by any institution or news agency. In this way, when a particular school publishes a magazine it is called a school magazine. Every renowned school publishes a magazine. A school magazine is normally published with a view to expressing the ideas of the students and it also tells about the various affairs of the institution. Before publishing a magazine, a committee is a must. The headmaster of the school is the chief patron or the chairman of the committee. An experienced teacher is assigned as the editor of the magazine. The functions of the editor is the most important. He has to be much more responsible, clever and talented. An editor collects writings from the different students and teachers.

Sometimes he has to write an editorial too. Editorial is considered the soul of the magazine. Publishing of the magazine in right way is a major concern. Publication requires a lot of money which is normally funded by the school itself. Sometimes, the local conscious people contribute something. The students also play a major role in the publication. The school magazine embodies the ideas, thoughts, imagination of the students. When they see their writings published in the magazine, their joys know no bounds. It inspires them to continue their writings. By a well-organised school magazine, we are able to know about literature, history, science and many other things from it. The views and news on sports and games, boy-scouts activities, excursion reports and other extra academic activities can be expressed through it. Moreover by writing in a school magazine, the students become accustomed to writing, which will help them to become a great writer in future. Every school should have a school magazine of its own. Because it develops the dormant thoughts of the students. It helps them how to think and express their ideas.


Though Bangladesh is a new nation it has a long tradition of culture, values, norms and social festivities. As for food taking, we have a long heritage of habit and style. Every single Bangladeshi is happy and proud of rice and decent Bangladeshi food. Rice is our staple food. We eat plenty of fish as we have adequate supply of fish. The hilsha; which is our most favourite fish, is found only in our coastal rivers. We eat a lot of potatoes, pulse, rutis, chapattis, paratas, meat and eggs. Our daily morning dish begins with ruti, chapatti, khichuri or panta rice with egg fry, fish fry or vegetables and mashed food. Among mashed food we eat mashed potato, mashed banana, mashed brinjal etc. Taking tea or coffee is our additional habit. Bangladeshis have long tradition of having heavy food in lunch. They eat belly full of rice, meat, fish-curry or vegetables and pulse. We hardly eat raw food.

Though lunch is our main food, we eat a lot in dinner. Our dinner contains the same dishes as lunch. At celebrations, we eat lots of beef, mutton, chicken and potatoes. We take two light foods with tea or coffee. Besides, we eat much fried food, cakes, biscuits, bread, paish and fruits. Bangladeshis seldom use spoons and forks while eating their food. They feel easy and comfortable eating with their own hands. In towns people use dining table but countrymen use mats to sit on while they eat food. Recently changes have taken place in our food habit. In cities fast food is often taken in western fashion. In fine, we can say that it is our duty to keep up our traditional food habit to preserve and improve our own tradition.


Food is the basic need of all living beings and without it none can survive. Food works in the body just like oil in an engine. In spite of having daily meal, people like to eat something new and exceptional. People do not always carry their homemade food. If they feel hungry outside their own homes, they need to get something readymade to satisfy their hunger fast. Here comes the necessity of fast food. This fast food is actually junk food. Junk food is one kind of food that is made for its pungent taste. It is not a Bangladeshi food. It has rather come from western countries. It does not have much food value. It looks appealing for which people feel fascinated to take it. It contains additional chemicals that are harmful to health. It is replete with animal fat to make it tasty for business purpose. Foods like chips, burger, crisps, cakes, biscuits contain increased number of animal fat.

On the other hand, sweets and fizzy drinks like cola and lemonade contain added sugar. Large amount of sugar and fat is detrimental to human skin and teeth. Because when we eat a large amount of fat, our bodies turn them into fatty tissue and large amount of sugar can damage our teeth and skin. As junk food contains excessive amount of fatty elements, it increases cholesterol level in our blood. And this increased level of cholesterol generally leads to various diseases. Moreover, Junk food lacks the vitamins and minerals we need. So, we should avoid having junk food. Instead of that, we should practise the habit of eating balanced diet. Our homemade food can provide us with all the ingredients of the balanced diet. Homemade food means the food which is normally cooked at home like rice, curry fish, meat, bread etc. If we just eat our homemade food avoiding junk food as much as possible, we can lead a happy and healthy life.


The world is becoming smaller day by day with the blessing of science. Now a man from one part of the world can communicate with a person of another part of the world in a few seconds. Internet communication is the latest invention in the communication system. This is a speedy transmitting system of information with the help of computer and networks. Internet is now regarded as a milestone of the modern world of communication. In Bangladesh, Internet has opened up a new dimension in our communication system. BTTB and government, both have taken keen initiatives for its better implementation in our country.

The use of Internet in our country still remains expensive. Modern age is the age of information. A huge amount of information is stored and collected through Internet. Now the world of commerce has been changed by it. Internet based e-commerce has become most popular to the consumers as they can buy or choose anything without going to market. Educational institutes are also using its advantages. The students are communicating with teachers, libraries and among themselves with the facilities of Internet in the shortest possible time. Those days are not so far when any student can take his class lecture from anywhere of the world. These are all the contribution of Internet.


In our country street accidents are quite common. Drivers do not drive their vehicles with much care. Most of the time, the vehicles that they drive are not fit for road. Moreover, vehicles are not driven by the licensed drivers. On the other hand, roads are not well planned. Traffic control is quite poor and the drivers are also unwilling to abide by the existing traffic rules. As almost all the drivers are illiterate, they cannot properly understand the traffic rules. This is why street accidents take place frequently on our roads. Now I am going to describe a horrible street accident taken place before my eyes. It was ghastly! I cannot compose myself. So I have hastened to share my disquiet with you through this letter. I was returning from Gulistan.

It was about 1:30 p.m. The road was not much crowded. When my rickshaw came near Malitola a loaded truck rushed form behind at a very high speed, overtook my rickshaw and hit the rickshaw in my front. A teen – aged boy who was the passenger in that rickshaw was thrown off and he fell under the hind wheels of the truck. In the twinkling of an eye his mutilated body with the broken head lay there in a pool o blood. The killer truck sped away amidst the hue and cry of the people who gathered there. The unfortunate victim succumbed to death on the spot. What a horrible sight it was! I am now terribly upset.


The Eid is the greatest holy festival of the Muslims all over the world. The Muslims celebrate the Eid festival with due solemnity and befitting manner. There are two Eids in a year. They are the Eid-ul-fitr and Eid-ul-Azha. Both Eids are very much pleasant and enjoyable to the Muslim community. Eid-ul-Fitre comes after the month of holy Ramadan. It is the month of fasting. On the last day of the month the Muslims gather to see the new moon in the evening. They welcome the new moon and pray to Allah. The next day is the first day of Swawal. On this day the Eid-ul-Fitre is celebrated with due respect. The Muslims get up early in the morning. They pray to Allah. They take their bath, dress themselves well and spray perfume on their body. They take different delicious foods and go to the Eidgah. They say their prayers and embrace one another. They give ‘Jakat’ and ‘Fitra’ among the poor. They pass the day with joy and merri. Eid-ul-Azha is another important occasion of the Muslims.

It takes place on the 10th Zil-Haj. On this day the Muslims remember the sacrifice of Hazrat Ibrahim (As). He was ready to slaughter his dearest son Hazrat Ismail (As) in the name of Allah. Really it was in ordeal of Ibrahim’s (As) faith. He succeeded in the ordeal. He found a sheep in the place of his son. Since then the Muslim’s have been celebrating Eid-ul-Azha. Eid-ul-Azha is also celebrated the same way as Eid-ul-Fitre. The Muslims go to the Eidgah, say their prayer and embrace each other. After coming from the Eidgah, they sacrifice cows, goats, sheeps, camels, etc. in the name of Allah. They distribute some portion of meats to the poor and the relatives. The Eids give the Muslims a great lesson. It teaches them to be patient and to love people. It also teaches to forget difference, hatred and them enmity. The Eid festivals bring us the blessing of friendship and equality. It enriches our faith in Allah. Allah also becomes happy with us. So we should celebrate these festivals with holiness.


A stormy night is a fearful night. If the wind blows violently, it becomes a storm. It lashes tremendously everything that lies on its way. It breaks and sweeps away things with a strong force. Thus it causes a terrible havoc. When it occurs in the dark of the night, it seems all the more terrible. Thick clouds cover the whole sky. Deep darkness envelops the environment. Rains pour torrentially. Sometimes it drizzles also. Peals of thunder together with flashes of lightning seize people with fright and dread. They feel helpless and utter prayers to God to stop the scourge. Now and then there may be a state of lull. But this is followed by blasts of a greater force.

Eventually they blow off the roofs of houses, uproot the trees and plants, sweep away the mutilated corrugated tins and broken branches of trees. People raise a hue and cry. Their shouts and shrieks frighten the others. When, at last the storm abates, the people come out with hurricane lanterns or fagot torches to see the havoc. They start relief operations. They remove from their yards and paths the fallen banana trees, broken branches and other objects. A stormy night is, therefore, an accursed night of fear and destruction.


Tea is a very popular drink and that is why those who are in the habit of taking tea know how to make a cup of tea. In fact it is very easy to make a cup of tea. We generally take milk tea or raw tea. When a person makes a cup of raw tea he needs only tea, sugar and water. Sometimes people mix ginger or lemon juice with raw tea. In the making of a cup of tea, a person has to boil the water first. When the water boils, he has to put a certain amount of tea and sugar in it. The amount of sugar and the liquor of the tea vary from person to person.

The adding of ginger or lemon juice increases the taste of raw tea. To make a cup of milk tea, a certain amount of milk has to be mixed with raw tea. Milk tea is different in taste and color from the raw tea. In a cup of raw tea we get the real flavour and taste of the tea but the adding of milk changes the real taste and color of the tea. Some of us are fond of raw tea and some are fond of milk tea. However, the making of a cup of raw or milk tea is very easy and it refreshes us by removing our boredom.


A man who earns his living by catching and selling fish is known as fisherman. Generally he catches fishes in rivers, canals, creeks, and swamps. He lives close to the place of his fishing. A fisherman works very hard to earn his livelihood. He remains busy almost all the day fishing, making and repairing fishing nets and boats, and dyeing them. He fishes both in foul and fair weather. Sometimes, he goes in the deep sea for fishing. He fishes both in foul and fair weather. Sometimes, he goes in the deep sea for fishing. As such, he fairly becomes anxious about his safe return. His work is very challenging and hard. Moreover, if he does not have his own net and boat,

he has to fish with the net and boat owned by others. In this case, he has to give a large share of his income to the owner. Fishermen do much good to us. They supply us with different kinds of fishes all the year round. But it is a matter of great regret that in spite of working hard, they live from hand to mouth. They can’t afford to buy even their own nets and boats. By forming co-operative societies among themselves and having loans from the banks at a low interest, they can improve their lot to a great extent.


Pastime is leisure time pursuits. In order to maintain a balance between the body and mind, and to keep them fit for work, pastime is necessary for all. The common leisure pursuits of the young people of Bangladesh include taking part in games and sports, rowing boats, swimming, visiting different places, enjoying cinemas and watching TV programmes. The leisure pursuits of the old are morning walk, visiting neighbours house and watching TV. The Chinese spend their pastimes visiting parks and enjoyign acrobatic performances.

Beseball, golf and martial arts such as judo and karate are specially popular pastimes with men in Japan. In Canada sking, fishing, boating, swimming, hunting, hiking, camping and bird-watching are popular pastimes. Travelling, dancing in the clubs, long drive, hiking, walking visiting families, friends and relatives are the common pastimes in Germany. However, watching TV is the most common pastime all over the world. My favourite pastime is reading novels. The novels of Humayun Ahmed attract me most.


The South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC), comprising the seven Sough Asian countries Bangladesh, Bhutan, Indian, the Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka formally came into existence in 1985 with the adoption of its Charter at the first summit in Dhaka (December 7-8, 1985). The idea of regional cooperation was first proposed through ‘a regional forum’ by Bangladesh in 1980, with a view to holding periodic regional level consultations among countries in South Asia on matters of mutual interest and possible cooperation in economic,

social, cultural and other fields. The rationale was primarily predicated on the premise that regional that regional experiences elsewhere in the globe had been highly successful and that the counties in the South Asian region would benefit enormously from such cooperation as it would strengthen their competitive position, both individually and as a group.

the Bangladesh proposal argued that inherent logic strongly justified regional cooperation, particularly among South Asian countries, because the countries in the region enjoy geographical contiguity, historical, social, cultural and ethnic affinities which would act as coordination and to reducing of transaction costs.

The foreign secretaries of the seven South Asian countries accordingly agreed at their first meeting in Colombo (21-23 April 1981) to pursue cooperation in five broad areas, namely agriculture, rural development , telecommunications, meteorology, and health and population services. The foreign secretaries also agreed to set up a Committee of the Whole comprising senior officials from the seven countries to identify and report on other areas of possible cooperation. At the first meeting of this committee in Colombo (31 August-2 September 1981), the need to expand economic relations, and the need for cooperation in the international economic negotiations were discussed.


The South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) comprises Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, the Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. SAARC is a manifestation of the determination of the peoples of South Asia to work together towards finding solutions to their common problems in a spirit of friendship, trust and understanding and to create an order based on mutual respect, equity and shared benefits. The main goal of the Association is to accelerate the process of economic and social development in member states, through joint action in the agreed areas of cooperation.


The idea of regional cooperation in South Asia was first mooted in November 1980. After consultations, the Foreign Secretaries of the seven countries met for the first time in Colombo, in April 1981. This was followed, a few months later, by the meeting of the Committee of the Whole, which identified five broad areas for regional cooperation. The Foreign Ministers, at their first meeting in New Delhi, in August 1983, formally launched the Integrated Programme of Action (IPA) through the adoption of the Declaration on South Asian Regional Cooperation (SARC).
At the First Summit held in Dhaka on 7-8 December 1985, the Charter establishing the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) was adopted.


The objectives, principles and general provisions, as mentioned in the SAARC Charter, are as follows :
– To promote the welfare of the peoples of South Asia and to improve their quality of life;
– To accelerate economic growth, social progress and cultural development in the region and to provide all individuals the opportunity to live in dignity and to realise their full potentials;

– To promote and strengthen collective self-reliance among the countries of South Asia;
– To contribute to mutual trust, understanding and appreciation of one another’s problems;
– To promote active collaboration and mutual assistance in the economic, social, cultural, technical and scientific fields;

– To strengthen cooperation with other developing countries;
– To strengthen cooperation among themselves in international forums on matters of common interests; and
– To cooperate with international and regional organizations with similar aims and purposes.
Importance of learning English


The importance of learning English cannot be described in a word because English is the most living language in the world and it’s called an international language. At present, about 400 million people as their first language speak English. Another 500 to 600 million people speak, read and write in English though it is not their first language. The super high way of communication the Internet has established on English as the number of one and prime language of the world. So we can say, it is the only language that is widely used and accepted as a medium of international communication. As for example, trade and commerce, science and education, art and literature etc. There is no other better alternative than English. We should learn English for a great variety of purposes.

Firstly, at present higher education of the world is totally impossible without English because maximum books of higher education are written in English. So from early age of us, the necessity of learning English is the most crucial for us. Secondly, learning English offers us opportunities to get good jobs both at home and abroad. When a person wants to get a well-known profession, he has to learn the four skills, -listening speaking, reading and writing in English. Indeed there are some good jobs like those of a pilot, a navigator, an army officer etc, for which one must be well conversant with the knowledge of English. Again, if anybody wishes to get a job of a telephone operator,

a postman or a job in a foreign office or in a big hotel, he or she must know English well. Even a repairman or a mechanic must have some knowledge of English to read the repair handbooks or repair manuals. Above all, anybody willing to get education in science and technology or any other subject in a foreign university needs the knowledge of English. It we are not good at English, we may lose our job opportunity or find difficulties in higher education. If we are good at English, we can complete anywhere and everywhere. From this we can say that we need to learn English to join the advanced and developed world. And it is the passport to a successful future.


Nature, land, air, water and all other things around us in which we live are called environment. Any abnormal change in environment is called environment pollution. Environment pollution has become a serious problem in our country. There are many sources of pollution. First smoke and gases are responsible for environment pollution. Man makes fire for cooking food, preparing goods and melting pitch for road construction and this create a lot of black smoke which contains carbon-dioxide. Railway engines and power houses create smoke by burning coal and oil. Mills and factories also create smoke. Buses, trucks and cars use petrol and disel oil which also create smoke. All kinds of smoke pollute the air and pollute the environment as a whole. Secondly,

man pollutes water by throwing a lot of waste and chemicals. The water vehicles dump a lot of oil, food waste and many other waste items. Thus the elements of the environment are polluted. Besides, the chemicals and the poisonous industrial waste are thrown into water. As a result, our environment is being polluted. Thirdly, sound or noise pollution is the alarming problem for any civic person. It is mainly caused in towns and cities. This sound pollution affects human body terribly and horribly. If affects our hearing, our ability to work efficiently, our nerves and above all our general health. Different harmful gases present in the air cause many of our disease. And finally, odor pollution from dumped on untreated human waste causes serious discomfort to our sense of smell and attracts disease-bearing creatures such as rats and flies. So we should take determined action and effective a attempts to control all these pollution.

Population Problem.

I feel that Bangladesh is a over populated country. Because Bangladesh is a small country of about 147 thousand square kilometers but it has a large population of about 140 million .in comparison with the total area of Bangladesh this population is tomato. About 867 people live in per square kilometer. It is difficult for Bangladesh to support this huge number of people. Feeding the ever growing population is a big challenge for Bangladesh in the coming decades. Most people here live below the poverty line and can not, therefore, afford to educate their children. Many poor children either drops out of school just after a few years or simple don’t go to school at all.

Despite this situation, weave has for too many students to educate compared to the number of institutions available. Bangladesh needs more schools, colleges and universities to provide for the increasing number of students. But awing to financial and resource constraints, the government cannot fund the requisite number of educational institution. At present every educational institution is over crowed and class size is unusually small. As facilities in these institutions are poor, students do not get a standard education. Moreover, many educational institutions in Bangladesh are troubled with polities and violence. Sometimes institutions are closed down to avoid clashes between rival groups of students such closures badly affect academic progress. Man people live together in one family. So, they grow up in an unhealthy environment, poor parent can not feed their children well.

As a result they suffer from malnutrition and various kinds of disease. Our agricultural land is being destroyed by building new houses, schools, colleges and roads for the increasing population. With the increasing population our food production is not increasing in the same proportion. So we are to import food crops from foreign countries. This is an extra pressure upon our economy. I think this population can be turned into manpower. This can be done by creating employment for all the people. The government can make many young people self-employment by providing them with training on vocational education. Many people can be employed in agriculture by developing it technologically. The government can export a large number of people to foreign countries. I would feel very happy if the population could be turned into manpower because our country would be developed then.

SSC- English Grammar And Composition

SSC- English Grammar And Composition 


The definition of culture is not easy because the matter is very complicated. It has many definitions. Some say,” culture is to know the best that has been thought and said in the world.” Again others say,” Culture is a complete picture of life”. It is natural that culture changes day by day. A society is impressed by the culture of another society. Our culture has also been impressed by foreign culture. Thirty-first night, New Year ’s Day, valentine’s day, pop music, band music are some of the foreign cultures those have become part of our culture. Foreign culture is not always a threat to our culture. But if anyone forgets his culture, it is really unwanted.

It is the age of globalization. So, none will be able to save his culture from the influence of foreign culture. But none should forget own culture. By coming in touch with a culture another may be enriched. It is not bad at all. We should welcome it. It helps us to know about the people of other countries. Everything of a culture is not good. Again in foreign culture there may be many good things. Man has conscience. He can differentiate between good and evil. So he should receive good culture by using his conscience. At present many people is leaving their culture by the name of modernization. It is a serious mistake. We should maintain our culture and should receive the good ones from foreign culture.

Natural Calamities
Or, Disaster of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a country of natural disasters. Almost every year Bangladesh is affected by various natural calamities. It seems that these natural calamities are our daily companions. This is why Bangladesh is often called a land of natural calamities; cyclone, floods, excessive rain and drought are the most common natural calamities. Cyclone is one of the most dangerous natural calamities in Bangladesh. Almost every year it hits Bangladesh in the summer or in the late autumn. Sometimes cyclone is attended with tidal bore. In 1991, Bangladesh was attacked by a terrible cyclone. Flood is an annual affair in Bangladesh. It is mainly caused by heavy rainfall and tidal wave. The havoc of cyclone is beyond description. It blows down houses and buildings. It uproots big trees.

At times thousands of people and cattle are washed away. Cyclone and floods cause a big loss of life, properties, crops, streets, roads etc. people take shelter on housetops, trees and embankments. They become homeless and help less. Drought is another natural disaster of Bangladesh. It is mainly happened in summer indiscriminate chopping of trees is the prime cause of drought. Besides, the Farakka barrage of India has diminished the flow of water in the rivers of this country. As a result our people have to suffer a lot to grow crops in dry season. As we have no control over the whims of nature .we have better to take pre cautionary steps to face the natural calamities. The government and the people should come forward to help the victims by providing food, clothes, shelter and other necessary things. Men may plant more trees. Tree plantation is the most effective measure for it.

Food habit

No living creatures can survive without food. Man also needs food to live. The search for food was man’s first occupation. At first man only eats meat but later he learns cultivation and starts producing different kinds of corns beside his living place. At present people eat different types of food. But people do not eat the same food all over the world. It varies from place to place. The eating habits of the people of a country depend largely on its geographical position, climate and soil. So people eat those foods which they can produce or effort to import from other countries. For instance, people in the tropical countries eat a lot of fruits and vegetables which grow in plenty in these regions. The chief food of the people of Hawaii and Polynesia in the pacific is taro roots, bread,

fruits and vegetables which they easily get around them. Again the Eskimos live al most entirely on meat and fish because vegetables can not grow in the ice- covered regions they live in. meat is eaten in the countries that have large pastures for grazing livestock. Large meat eating countries are Australia, Canada and U.S.A. fish is the important food in Japan, Sweden, Denmark and Finland because they have large sea costs. Thus we see that the kinds of food people eat differ from place to place.

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