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Dear students and friends, all are well by the grace of God. You will be happy to know that we are going to discuss some important Composition from English 2nd Paper for you.

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Most Important Letter Writing for SSC -PDF


01. Write a letter to your friend informing the procedures of opening a bank account.

90/A South Kazla, Dhaka

My dear Anis, The ————– 2005

Take my best wishes from the depth core of my heart, at the very beginning of my letter. Your cheering sweet note is just to my hand. I am extremely pleased that you have obtained the scholarship. And it is the best idea to open a bank account to deposit the scholarship. I appreciate your opinion. Opening a bank account is not so difficult procedure. First, choose a bank of good service where you can open a bank account.

Then go to the bank and procure an application from the bank, after taking his permission. Next, fill it up giving all the data required. Then you have to be identified someone who has an account with that bank. The introducer must put his signature and his account number and address in the provided space of the application form. Now attach two passport size photos attested by your identifier.

After all take your form to the official concerned. Then they will allow you to open a bank account. And they also give you an account number and a valid cheque- book. You must deposit a definite amount of money at the time of opening the account. Thus you will be a bank account holder.
No more today. Write me after opening your account.
Tender my regards to your parents and love to the youngest.

Your loving brother


02. Write a letter to your friend about your first train journey.Rangpur

The —— 2003


My dear “R”
Thank you very much for your letter. In this letter I am giving you an account of my journey from Rangpur to Khulna. I hope it will give you much pleasure. My uncle invited us to go there on the occasion of the first cousin’s marriage ceremony.

A very important event in my life happened last week. I went on my first train journey! I traveled with my parents and brother, Bashir, to Khulna. My uncle lives there. We left home early in the morning and went to Rangpur. We bought a ticket at the railway station and got into the train. Suddenly the train blew its whistle and I jumped.

Then the train started. The train was running very quickly towards Khulna. And I thought that the train was running quickly keeping back all the trees, houses, people and station to Rangpur. I was very excited. I wanted to put my head out of the train window, but my parents didn’t let me. “It’s dangerous,” They said, “just look.” I enjoyed my first train journey very much. I will never forget it and it will remain live in my heart forever.

I am quite well and hope that you are also all right. Please tender my best regards to your parents and love to your younger.

Yours loving friend


03. Write a letter to your friend describing a picnic that you have enjoyed.

Laxmi bazar, Dhaka – 1236

My dear “X” The ————– 2005

Your letter is to hand. You will be glad to know that we had a picnic at Mahastan Gar, a place of historical importance, on the 20th instant. I am giving you a short description of it.

It was the month of February. The day was bright and clear but cold. We went on a picnic at Mahastan Gar, in the district of Bogra. It is a place of historical interest. It was the ancient capital of Bangla named Pundra. There lies the mazar of Shah Sultan Bulkhi (R). The place is very enjoyable. We reached the spot at about 11:00 a. m. We took all necessary things with us. We took two Baburchis (cooks) with us.

There were ready- made oven with bricks and stones. We managed water from the nearby tube- well. The Baburchis started to cook food without delay. All of us went out to visit the historical place of Mohastan Gar. We visited the mazar of Sultan Bulkhi. We also visited the bride chamber of Behula – Laxsmindhar. We took camera with us. We took several snaps with the important and beautiful places.

Just after 2 hours we returned to our particular spot. In the meantime the Baburchis (cook) had finished cooking. They cooked biriani, chicken roast etc. We all sat down for talking meal. The cooking was really marvelous. We ate it with great contentment. We thanked the Baburchis for their excellent cooking. After the meal was over, we spread a long cloth under a big mango tree and took rest for some time.

Then we arranged a cultural programme. Among us there were several singers. They sang many songs and amused us. Some danced and some recited poems. I also recited a poem from ‘Banalata Sen’ of Jibanananda Das. All thanked me for my wonderful reciting.

I got a nice pen as presentation. Just 6:00 p.m. we packed up for our home. We took our respective seats in the bus and started for home. On the way we also enjoyed much. Really it is a memorable day in my life. I can never forget those enjoyable moments.

No more today. Best regards to your parents and love to the youngers.

Your loving friend


04. Write a letter to your friend describing about your school.

Jatrabari, Dhaka

Dear ‘X’, The ————– 2005

How are you? I’m fine by the grace of the Almighty. In your last letter you wanted to know about the school I study in.

Our zilla school is situated right near to the Dhaka highway, not very far from the center of the town. It has an area of 4 acres and has three buildings and a large field. We also have a canteen in one building. In the field we have space for football and kabadi. Sometimes in winter we bring in our own bats and balls and play cricket. Sometimes people use the field for local gatherings.

Our school remains very busy all through the day. Our classes begin at 8:30 in the morning and runs till 3.30 in the afternoon with a break at 1 o’clock. We have a total number of 750 students in 12 sections of 6 classes. In class 9 we have 8 periods each day. Bangla, English and mathematics are the compulsory periods that we have every day. In the junior classes they have 6 periods.

The teachers of our school are very friendly with us. We can depend on our teachers not only for study matters but also for matters related to our other interests. Some of them run activity clubs in school. The clubs are places where one can go and pursue his or her hobby.

I am a member of the debating club. We practise debating within the club and arrange debating competitions among classes and among other schools as well. Our English teacher runs this club. He not only guides us in writing good speeches but also shows us how to present them.

In short I can tell you studying in this school is a great experience. Along with the regular study we can develop our other abilities as well.
I guess you are planning to shift to a new school. If you ask for suggestions from me I will recommend my school without any hesitation.

With best wishes


Your younger brother does not know the important of physical exercise. Now write a letter to him describing the importance of physical exercise.


Dated: The 8th June, 2012

My dear munir,
I am happy to learn that you are going on well with your studies. But in the letter there is no mention of your physical activities.

You are happy health is wealth. Sound mind lives in a sound body. A boy of ill health cannot reach his goal. So it needs no telling the importance of sound health to you. In order to maintain a sound mind, you are to keep your body fit at first and it is physical exercise which enables a student to maintain a good physique.

Hard work, perseverance, punctuality, sincerity etc. are needed to cut a good figure in the examination. And this is not possible without a strong and stout body. If you fail to keep your body sound, you will lose all zest of life and then life would be dull and meaningless to you.

Then you will also stumble in the way of life. A life without solid foundation of education is no life at all. You are told to take physical exercise regularly so that you can keep your body fit.

Yours affectionately,


Write a letter to your friend about your country.

Comilla, Bangladesh

Dear John,
I hope you’re just fine. Yesterday as was eagerly waiting for a letter from you, I found your letter in my mailbox. In your letter you have wanted to know about my country. In this letter I am going to write to you about my country in short.

The name of my country is Bangladesh. It is a small country of south Asia. It was free from Pakistan in 1971. It has an area of about 1 lack 47 thousand 5 hundred and 70 Square kilometer. The capital city of Bangladesh is Dhaka. Almost of our country speak the Bengali language.

Although Bangladesh is a small country but a large number of people lives their (about 16 core). We are mainly Muslims but Hindus, Buddhists and Christians also live here. Naturally Bangladesh is so beautiful. The Padma, The Meghna and The Jamuna are the main big Rivers of this country. Jute, Rice, Tea, Sugarcane, fruit, Cotton etc are the main crops of the country.

Without these Bangladesh has a big Mangrove forest name’s ‘Sundarban” and a longest Sea beach name’s Cox’s Bazar. The national beast of this country is Royal Bengal Tiger. The national game of Bangladesh is Hadudu. The national bird is Doyel. The national flower is Shapla.

The national fruit of the country is Jack-fruit. The shatgombuj Mosque, The Buddhist Bihar, Mahastangar etc are also visible place. By consideration whole side Bangladesh is so beautiful. I feel proud for my country.

I am quite well and hope that you are also all right. Please tender my best regards to your parents and love to your youngers.

Yours loving friend


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